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Games and sports are participating in uplifting the economy of the state. These are the essential activates which improves health and fitness. Sports and games are not only the football clubs are helping the country in generating revenues. There are many football and sports clubs which provide complete training for sports. These lay an essential role in guiding sound health and fit life.

About Juventus FC

The word “Juventus” means youth. It is a Latin word. The Juventus FC founded on 1 November 1897 in Italy. It founded by Enrico Canfri and Eugenio Canfri. Juventus football club was mostly known as Juve. It is one of the Italian professional football clubs. Now its owner name is “Angelli family. The stadium used by Juventus club is “Allianz Stadium”. The leagues played by this club are:

  • Serie A
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Coppa Italia

This club was an athletic club in previous times. Then after a few years of its formation, it transferred to a football club by some students.

Top players of Juventus FC

Players are the pillars of the team. They help in the building up team and take it to the next level. If the players are dedicated and courageous, then the team surely achieve its pre-set goals. A list of top players of Juventus Football club listed below:

  • Giampiero Boniperti
  • Omar Sivori
  • Alessandro Del Piero
  • Gianluigi Buffon
  • Carlo Bigatto
  • Stefano Tacconi
  • John Charles
  • Helmut Heller
  • Carlo Parola
  • Dino Zoff
  • Gaetano Scirea
  • Sergio Brio
  • Michel Platini
  • Zbigniew Boniek
  • Roberto Baggio
  • Antonio Cabrini
  • Zinedine Zidane

The achievements of Juventus FC were not possible with the efforts of a single player. All is due to the efforts and hard work of all the players who participated and played their role very well.

Facts of Juventus FC

There are some of the notable facts about Juventus Football club which every fan must know. A list of such facts given below:

  • It is one of the football clubs across the world which formed by students
  • The Juventus Fc is the football club which won 51 official trophies
  • It formed in 1897 by students
  • It is the most successful football Italian team in Italian history
  • Juventus FC considered the first football club which won UEFA Cup in 1985
  • Juventus is the only football team among hundreds of other teams, which has a large number of supporters.
  • The first president of Juventus named as” Eugenio Canfari Juventus”.

Everything you should know about

There are many interesting things associated with the Juventus football club. Fans know all these things about their favourite FC. Some of the interesting things about Juventus FC briefly discussed below:

  • Demotion to Serie B

A scandalarosein 2005 and 2006, which result in the darkest period in the Juventus FC history. This scandal about referring fraud affected many of the major football clubs at that time. But among all of these Football clubs, Juventus FC suffered the most. The two main championship titles pronounced as null and void and the whole team. As a result, the demotion to Serie B. they suffered from a penalty of 9-points too. At this time the Juventus FC demoted out of the top flight.

  • Juventus FC the best Italian club

In the previous century, Juventus FC viewed as the best Italian club. This title was given by (IFFHS) International Federation of Football History and statistics. Juventus FC then followed by AC Milan in second Inter in third.

  • Consecutive Scuddettos

In 2007, finally, the Juventus returned to Serie A. from 2007 till 2012, they kept on winning the Italian League titles every year. It all happened due to their experienced and talented squad.

  • Tragic First European CUP

In 1985, Juventus FC became continental champions after beating Liverpool by 1-0. This achievement won in Heysel Stadium in Brussels. There 39 Italian supporters killed due to the wall collapse.


From the above description and สล็อตออนไลน์มือถือ, it concluded that Juventus Fc has to struggle hard to become successful throughout their career. They won many trophies and declared as the best Football club of the 20th century.

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