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The Paying guest industry is progressively growing in our country. It is really obliging for students who relocate every year to different cities in search of improved prospects and exposure in their life. The paying guest living spaces provide the chance of living as a community thereby eliminating the trouble of infrastructure and budget shortage. The increasing number of PG’s in cities is a portion of the co-living industry. As so numerous students and employed professionals especially boys migrate to urban cities every year, so these cities are pretty over populated. The rise in population raises the demand for paying guest accommodation.

Every year so many aspiring individuals navigate to the electronic city Bangalore search of better educational opportunities and career prospects. Bangalore city is full of Job opportunities for which young boys and girls decide to step out of their homes to get to work in a good company with a good salary here in the electronic city of Bangalore. This leads to relocation and migration increases the demand for PG in electronic city. A lot of people offer PG in Bangalore for individuals who are employed or studying but many things have to be well-thought-out before settling for them.

Peaceful Environment

Look for a PG in Bangalore that is located near peaceful and quiet surroundings. This will help boys to concentrate and focus more on their studies if they have migrated for the same. And those who are working professionals can easily stay, work, and sleep with peace and calmness in their surroundings. Residential areas that are located in sectors away from the everyday hustle-bustle of the general economic life should be preferred.


PGs that provide all the necessary facilities to their tenants are usually suitable as best paying guest accommodations in Bangalore. This is because students or freshers are usually not habitual of doing domestic work on their own and some are so pampered at their homes that they have no idea of doing work. They create a mess even when they try to do some basic work. Also, they get little time to work as the work and study schedules are always very stiff and time-consuming. So, PG accommodations in Bangalore that provide quality meals, clean drinking water, fully-furnished rooms, timing flexibility, cleaning staff, and parking spaces should be preferred for boys.

Use of Word of Mouth

When you need a PG in Bangalore specifically PG in electronic city it is good to ask for some suggestions from people who you know or who are your good friends. This is because people who themselves stay in PGs usually have gone through the entire process and struggle of finding a suitable PG. Also, as these people are known to you so they will most probably furnish you with genuine details and information regarding any property or a location.

Research on the Internet

Make a thorough research on the Internet while looking for PG for Boys. There are so many platforms available online which assist students and professionals to find a suitable home at a convenient location. Their main aim is to find the right house for the right person. Some of these companies are performing well and expanding their business in different cities. They are providing PGs at various locations of the metropolitan cities. This way they save a lot of time, effort, money, and resources that are spent in finding a home. Students or professionals can easily check their portal or contact them to get all the details about the available properties.

Look for a furnished PG

You should always go for fully-furnished rooms when they are looking for a PG. A comfortable stay is impossible without the essential furnishings in a house so you must look for the availability of basic infrastructure inside the rooms such as a comfortable bed, study table, wardrobe, mirror, chairs, along with attached washrooms. These furnishings should be given individually to even students who are sharing the rooms. Usually, there’s not much difference between the prices of furnished and non-furnished rooms. The furnished ones are the most preferred. The non-furnished rooms might prove to be cheaper than the furnished rooms but they will provide you no comfort. Also arranging basic infrastructure from some other sources would cost you even more and won’t be reasonable for students who don’t look for permanent stays.

Popular Locations

Several locations provide PG in Bangalore city for rent. Locations such as Electronic city Phase 2, kattigenahalli, Stage 1 BTM layout, Electronic city phase 1, Prithvi layout Whitefield, RachenahalliJakur, Venkateshwar layout, Suddugunntepalya, Koramangalam industrial layout, Koramangalam that are willing to get accommodation in Delhi. These areas are well-connected to other places and are nearby to private and government colleges, private institutes, corporate hubs, shopping malls, markets, and other places. The PGs available in these areas are fully-furnished and provide all the basic facilities and amenities such as Wi-Fi, Gaming area, Parking space for cars as well as two-wheelers, etc. for their tenants.

So if you are searching for PG in Bangalore, you must check these locations in Delhi. They provide PGs at best and affordable prices. The rooms are available on an individual as well as on a shared basis. The rent usually starts from 5000 to 6000 for a single shared bedroom equipped with basic infrastructure and facilities. They do not ask for a big security deposit amount. It is usually one month’s rent only. The PGs differ slightly in providing facilities. Some PGs also provide separate kitchens for tenants so that they can also cook for themselves. A singles room is commonly shared by two or three boys. The Rent for the room is generally fixed and has to be paid on a monthly basis along with the electricity charges.

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