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Find the best PET-CT scan centre in Mumbai

Medical Science has made great leaps forward in recent decades and continues to grow with time at a rate of knots. A PET-CTscan is one of the many latest revolutions in the field and has helped the Doctors and medical professionals a great deal and helped them in curing patients by enhancing their awareness about varying illnesses. India as a country has also been on the pursuit of this growth, more so its metropolitan cities, which is the reason why one can find the bestpet ct scan centre in Mumbai

In the early days of the invention, patients were hesitant to avail to this new technology like it always happens in Medical Sciences, but as the number of people using the technology increased, skepticism in the minds of the common man-made way for trust and belief in the latest technology. Medical professionals have been continuously trying to make the PET-CT scan a lot more affordable for the common man and the patients who do not have funds to avail the services, but it hasn’t yet been made very affordable. So, before going for a PET-CT scan, one should give a check to the pet ctscan cost in Mumbai and other major cities with good facilities for the process like Mumbai and Chennai.

What is a PET-CT Scan?

PET-CT Scan is an abbreviation for positron emission tomography – / computed tomography Scan. APET-CT Scan is a combination of a positron emission tomography and computed tomography. The CT scan, in this case, conducts X-Rays throughout the entire body of the patient and constructs the Three-dimensional image of the body while the PET scan performs the function of exposing that area of the body which is showing the most activity.

What cases is a PET-CT scan used?

These CT scans are primarily called upon to diagnose all the different types of Cancer. A CT scan or a PET scan alone is not as effective, which was the prime reason for combining the two scans.

  • Prime usage being diagnosing cancer.
  • Determine the size of the Cancer.
  • I am determining the stage of the Cancer and whether it has spread or not.
  • I am determining the most appropriate treatment for Cancer.
  • It is also used for the initialization of Radiotherapy.
  • It is used in recovering patients to check if cancer has come back.
  • To check whether surgery will be needed to remove cancer or not.
  • This scan also used after surgery to determine whether cancer has been removed completely or not.

Essential information regarding the preparation for a PET-CT scan

  • The doctor mostly suggests patients to stop eating 6 hours before the scans.
  • During that time, you are at most allowed to drink water only.
  • No physically straining exercise is to be carried out a day before the scan.
  • Patients who have claustrophobia can demand extra care while the scans are going on.
  • Nervous patients can be given medication by their doctors if necessary.
  • The patient is allowed to wear no jewelry at all during the scans.
  • The patient is expected to stay still while the scan is going on.
  • The Scan is essentially painless, but it can prove to be uncomfortable because the patient is required to stay still.

Suggestions after the PET-CT scan

  • A feeling of drowsiness might engulf the patient for the next twenty-four hours and driving during that time is not advised.
  • After the scan, the patient is expected to stay at more than an arm’s length from infants and pregnant women to avoid affecting them with harmful radiations.
  • Fluids of different kinds may be suggested by the doctor to combat the radioactive tracers.
  • Travelling long distances immediately after the scans is strictly denied for the better recovery of the patient.

Probable Risks regarding the PET-CT Scan

  • Women who are carrying a baby in their womb should go through this scan only if it is an emergency and they have no other option. A pregnancy test before the scans is advised for women to think they might be pregnant.
  • At times, people have an allergic reaction to the PET-CT scan, which may lead to drowsiness, sweating and breathing difficulties.
  • The radiations which the body is exposed to during the PET-CT scan might increase the chances of development of cancer. The patient should contact the doctor about it if he’s worried.
  • The patient might get small bruises around the place the needle is injected, which may lead to swelling in the arms, but this is extremely rare.
  • A PET-CT scan involves exposure to radiation, which makes it unsuitable for a few people.
  • A breastfeeding woman should consult the doctor and inform him about the fact that she’s breastfeeding and follow the doctor’s instructions.

Myths about the PET-CT scan

  • Many people believe the exposure to radiations to be a causal factor to an almost certain Cancer, which is not true. Experts say that the scan radiates lower than the normal level of radiation.
  • The tracer used during the PET-CT scan does not promote the proliferation of diseases like cancer in any way.

The PET-CT scan has proved to be another watershed moment in the evolution of medical science and curing patients and has proved to be another masterpiece reached by the medical professionals and researchers.

Although, like any other new medical advancements the PET-CT scan too should only be conducted by taking certain precautions in mind and is strictly prohibited for certain people like the ones who have any metal inserted in their bodies like the pacemaker. A pregnant woman is also advised to not at all undergo a PET-CT scan and breastfeeding women are told to consult with the doctors and heed their advice before the scan. There are after scan precautions that needed to be taken, but none of it in any way has undermined the significance of PET-CT scan as a breakthrough in medical science.

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