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Understanding the 3 Levels of Estrogen Dominance

The presence of estrogen is a beautiful hormone in the body. Female produce it in their ovaries when in reproductive years. Males bear it as their testes, adrenals and via testosterone (in a procedure known as aromatization.) Even the stomach produces estrogen. The several other production sites (named as the extra gonadal production) that function in the body as well, like the parietal cells of the stomach.  Read more about maintaining estrogen levels at estrosmart reviews | Yes Wellness – everyday free shipping.

Although, not all sees the benefits of estrogen. A lot of the female population pertain to estrogen in migraines, PMS, fibroids, heavy bleeding and others. Such are the symptoms of estrogen dominance. During the time a female wants to cut down on estrogen dominance, the talk of flushing estrogen out of the body takes place. This is a no-no, because having too little estrogen amount can also be problematic.

For a fact, estrogen is a regular functioning hormone in the body. The important thing to consider is that the concern it is not just about the estrogen levels in the body. Also, it is not even pertaining to the ratio of estrogen with progesterone in the body (even if this is the top reason for estrogen dominance.) Furthermore, to be able to know the levels of estrogen, conducting a urine test is necessary. Specifically, urine shows metabolites of estrogen. Using blood and saliva is not applicable in this process.

In this article the DUTCH complete hormone test was examined to know estrogen dominance and its level of presence. In this lieu, there are 3 places to look on a DUTCH test when there is estrogen dominance.

The Fear of Estrogen

Recently a defined fear of estrogen commenced in 2002, when the WHI trials (a big study that pertained to the effect of hormone therapy on the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis and other symptoms for breast cancer) ended early because of negative effects on females gaining hormones vs. those receiving placebo. The study made use of the treatment drug, Prempro, (a combination of Premarin, an estrogen, and provera, a progestogen,) which was always used and referred to as estrogen. The Provera (the progestogen) was shown to be a cause of health problems during that study. On the other hand, all of media talk has died down, leaving a lot of females to be fearful of estrogen.

What is Estrogen?

Even if, sometimes there are females who desires to eliminate estrogen out of their body, it is still a beautiful and vital hormone. In a female body, ovaries reproduce this hormone during their reproductive years. Males bear it in their testes, adrenals and via testosterone (in a procedure known as aromatization.) Also, there are other estrogen production sites (known as extra gonadal production) present in the body, like the parietal cells of the stomach. Indeed, stomach produces estrogen.

Talk in hormones means balance in its levels. During imbalance situations, estrogen can result to migraines, heavy bleeding, fibroids, PMS and etc. Such are known as symptoms of estrogen dominance. While, symptoms of low estrogen levels are vaginal dryness, low mood and hotflashes.

During a desire to get rid of estrogen dominance, females are concerned of flushing estrogen out of the body. This is a no-no, because bearing too little estrogen is a big problem, too. In estrogen dominance, the main question to ask is “What is my body doing with estrogen? This is known as the estrogen metabolism.

The 3 Levels of Estrogen Dominance

  1. Sex Hormone Summary

In the DUTCH complete test, the sex hormone summary is defined. In this lieu, there is a comparison of the dial positions of estrogen to progesterone. On the occasion that the estrogen dial is more turned to the right than the progesterone dial, estrogen dominance takes place. Such example of estrogen dominance is exaggerated. It is an extreme estrogen dominance. Where, there is higher estrogen level and a lower progesterone level.

On the other hand, there is no estrogen dominance when the progesterone dial is more turned to the right than the estrogen dial. However, a female can be estrogen dominant during the second and third level.

  1. Daughter Compounds

The second place of estrogen dominance is the levels of 2-OH, 4-OH and 16-OH metabolites. These metabolites should be referred to as the ‘daughter compounds’ of estrogen, which may be good or bad. When there is a greater 4-OH or 16-OH, symptoms of estrogen dominance may take place. A female may generate too little 2-OH (it is necessary to make at least 70% of that because it is seen as protective) and too much 4-OH (it is seen to be more potentially carcinogenic.)

  1. Methylation

The third place to study in the DUTCH test for estrogen dominance is the methylation dial. When there is an account of low levels of methylation, it only shows that eliminating estrogen out of the body is difficult. The methylation of estrogen on the DUTCH test is seen in the methylation dial. An example of low methylation, when the fan dial shows a methylation gauge that is low. This means that the female is having a difficulty in properly detoxifying estrogen.

The other phases of estrogen detox are sulfation and glucuronidation. On this, the most important thing to consider is that you can be estrogen dominant on several levels. The topic is not basically a comparison between estrogen to progesterone.

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