Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

No one wants spotty internet. Internet running like snail sucks. If you are also baffled with the slow internet issue, then what ways you should use to speed up your Netgear router WiFi connection.

This post covers a lot of potential solutions that can be tried by you to speed up your internet connection.

We’ve rounded up 5 handy tips to help you enjoy the faster connection and get rid of buffering while streaming videos.

Consider Checking Your Data Cap

Data availability on the edge can be one of the biggest reasons behind the slow internet speed. If you exceed your data limit, your internet speed will be restricted by your Internet Service Provider.

To have a tab on the availability of your data cap, simply check your bill. If the available data is not enough for you to enjoy the use of the internet, then better get in touch with your ISP for availing a plan with a higher data limit.

Give Your Netgear Router a Break

Like us, your WiFi device might be looking for some rest. If so, reset your router to the default factory settings, at least once in a month, for refreshing it. Once done, again consider performing Netgear router setup via

Keep in mind that resetting your WiFi device will not make magic and turn your spotty connection into a speedier one. But, following the process will certainly bring some change to the speed of your internet connection.

Reposition Your Netgear Router

Chances are your router is not receiving proper WiFi signals, resulting in a slow internet connection. To fix the issue, simply locate your WiFi device somewhere in the mid of your house. Doing so will equally spread WiFi signals to all corners of your home.

Apart from that, make sure your WiFi device is not getting interference from other electronic devices available at your home. To make you aware, these devices can be microwave ovens, refrigerators, cellular phones, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, and so on.

Still not working as expected? Worry not! There are more tips to fix the issue. Continue reading.

Block Unwanted Ads

Whenever you go online, you are offered an array of pictures, ads, GIFs, and videos. Even if you don’t want to watch these contents, your internet looses some data to load them, resulting in slow down your WiFi connection.

To get rid of the issue, simply block all the unwanted content by installing an ad-blocking tool. This way you can give some space to your WiFi for breathing properly.

Get a Cache Eraser

Have you ever heard of Internet browser cache and cookies? If not, this is the time to know what it is. Whenever you visit a site and enter your info, your web browser collects some parts of it in the form of cookies. According to your browser behavior, then the collected data is being used by marketers to send you ads of products you might want to buy.

To get rid of this, install a cache clearer on your web browser as an extension. Whenever you feel like your browser is not giving you expected results, clear cache, cookies, or browsing history from your web browser to get back the internet speeds.

To Wrap Up

We hope that the above-listed troubleshooting tips will help you enhance the WiFi speed of your Netgear router. If you have more tips to give the WiFi device a better run, then do share the tips with us and your fellow readers by navigating to the comments section. Your opinion is awaited.

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