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People beleaguered with diabetes have many restrictions when it comes to their eating habits. There are food items that are bestavoided or eaten occasionally for people plagued with the ailment. You might be wondering what to eat and what to avoid,keeping your blood sugar under control. Remember that diabetes is a silent killer and therefore, you should watch what you add to your plate. As you age, the risks associated with Type 2 diabetes increases.

According to an article published on, you cannot stop the aging process, but take some right preventive measures to lower the risks associated with the condition, which means sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding certain foods that could spike your blood sugar level. Here are some of the foods you must stay away from when plagued with diabetes:

Instant foods and microwave chicken

Today, instant foods have made eating convenient and it means no toiling in the kitchen. Then, do you realize that ready-to-eat foods or microwave chicken can spike your blood sugar to dangerous levels? The vegetable content in instant meals is insignificant. Ready meals also have veggies that are far from fresh, implying you take very little vitamins. Home-cooked meals, on the contrary, include fresh, green veggies and loads of vitamins to keep you healthy when you have diabetes. Eat home-cooked meals and include fresh, green vegetables in your diet.

The calorie content is another issue with instant foods. Pastries, for example, are high in calories. Therefore, think twice before adding it to your plate. Microwave chicken kebabs contain 890 calories, which is a big no if you have diabetes. To be on the safe side, use CLIA testing kits when you are plagued with diabetes.

White bread

White bread is dangerous if you have diabetes. Foods such as white rice and starchy foods are converted to glucose very fast, thus raising your blood sugar levels almost immediately. Did you know that a standard size of white bread roll has almost 30g of carbohydrate? It is equivalent to taking seven teaspoons of sugar.

Eat whole-grain bread instead with high fiber content. These little changes in your diet matter a lot to keep you healthy when you have diabetes.


Sorry to say you should stop eating bacon when plagued with diabetes. It is processed meat and dangerous for the ailment. Look at a pack of bacon and see the long list of preservatives! Research scholars are still experimenting as to why processed meat is bad for your health. Data shows that processed meats have high risks of developing Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and bowel cancer.

You should also avoid eating sausages, burgers, store-bought hams, hotdogs, which are processed meats too. You can eat unprocessed meat that is easy to roast and slice. Try belly pork and verify that there are no added preservatives, sauces, and harmful ingredients.


Eat lots of beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, leafy green veggies when you have blood sugar. Whole grains like faro, quinoa, oatmeal, and barley are healthy foods for diabetes. After you’re tested with diabetes, take medicines and eat healthily.

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