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No one expects to find themselves the victim of an accident, especially involving one under the care of a physician or hospital. The circumstances around your situation may require you to find a licensed attorney to help you get the verdict you deserve. Medical malpractice cases may involve claims such as unnecessary surgeries, concerns over prescribing prescriptions, and a doctor ignoring potential signs of addiction. Being over prescribed strong pain medication to mask an underlying problem can send you on a dangerous road and even a courtroom. Proving your case is as vital as showing how your life has altered since the incident occurred. However, you may not know if you have a lawsuit that can be justified by a court of law. Here are some reasons you may have a legal case and how Disability Advantage Group can  get you justice.

Many concerns can be considered medical malpractice. Some examples are doctors working in unsanitary conditions, patients released prematurely from a hospital stay, or having the wrong procedure done due to negligence. As a patient, you have the right to trust that your medical team has a high standard of care. If you feel your doctor failed in protecting your well being you may need to consult a specialized lawyer such as a medical malpractice attorney in Nashville. Malpractice suits can have a statute of limitations which, depending on your state must be filed the day of the incident. The time frame to seek action can fall between six months or two years after the injury. Your lawyer will explain the steps needed to be completed which may include medical records, proof the injury was caused by the doctor or hospital, and if the doctor knew he was putting you at risk without you knowing. Your attorney may also attempt to find an expert witness to give your case more credibility.

Millions of people suffer injury or fatalities due to substance abuse. In recent years more deaths have occurred due to the opioid crisis than ever before. While many patients take their medication properly, there are cases where people become dependent and perhaps eventually addicted to narcotics. There have been stronger guidelines in place however, some doctors have neglected to care for their patients responsibly and continue to over-prescribe. Chronic use can result in liver failure, stomach issues, trouble breathing, and allergic reactions. Your lawyer may be able to prove that your doctor knowingly overtreated your conditions with improper medication or, for example, ignored you may have had a history with drugs addiction once but continued to prescribe them. Substance abuse may cause you to lose your job, your home, and impact your life. Your attorney may be able to show medical negligence was a large contributing factor to your health’s deterioration. Evidence such as prior rehab and detox programs or records from the pharmacy of over medicating may be used in your potential case. 

With strong restrictions, people such as chronic pain patients who need stronger pain medications may be left looking for alternative options. The daily distribution guidelines have been changed leaving people to still deal with pain, but with the danger of withdrawal if not done properly. If your prescription is suddenly limited or stops completely, your physician can put you in jeopardy of finding illicit drugs, or another alternative of self-medicating. Alcohol has often been advertised by having a variety of health benefits. When a doctor complies with such statements, the patient is assumed to drink responsibly. Other underlying problems from health problems like hepatitis C can cause cirrhosis which can get worse with drinking.  A physician who overlooks or dismisses signs of alcohol withdrawal isn’t putting her patient first and can endanger them. You may have a case if your doctor hasn’t seen the contraindications of medicine or hurries you out the door when you ask for help. This can fall under medical malpractice especially if an existing condition becomes worse or your doctor ignores the issues completely.

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