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Football covers a long history. Initially, it was played in England in the 12th century for the first time. England teens were found playing this kind of game on the roads. Then by the end of the 17th century, it was played between the school, college teams and, between the youngs of the rich families. Then by the start of the 20th century, FIFA was established. Pakistan Football Federation was organized in 1948, and it joined FIFA, nicknamed as Pak Shaheen.

Why toplay football?

Sports like football have always been a part of a human’s joyful life. It improves one’s mental health, mood, concentration, sleep habits. It also boosts self-confidence. It helps in reducing stress and depression. Playing football lowers body fat.

 The walking and running during the game keep the heart rate up, so it maintains cardiovascular health. Also, it burns calories. It promotes teamwork. It creates a sportsman spirit. Participation in a football team helps to maintain discipline and cooperation. It helps to get rid of one’s depressing thoughts. It helps to make the best use of leisure time.

Playing Football game with Friends

Friends are always a source of affection for us. They help at every point in our life. Playing with friends in childhood is the best part of our lives. Without the internet, we play our favorite games with friends. Same as playing football with friends helps to make the best use of spare time.

It creates feelings of joy and pleasure. It reduces our ways to the rebellious activities. Playing football teaches us how to make decisions at the spot. It makes us more social. It improves our ways of communication. It helps to forgive our friend’s mistakes and to keep a healthy relationship.

Playing Football Online

In this era, everyone has such a busy schedule. Nobody has time to go to the ground and then put a complete football wardrobe and later play soccer or football. As we live in the 21st century, the century of technology, there are so many advancements we have in life.

Aboveall, we have the internet. And the most beautiful of it is that we can play games on the internet. We have so many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to remain engaged with our friends, but when we get tired of this, we want something tricky to do with our friends. Then we choose to play games with our friends over the globe here เว็บพนัน.

There are so many games that are played online around the world, like ludo stars. But the lovers of football can also have fun on this platform. There are so many apps that are available on the google play store and apple store. You just have to install these apps on your smartphone and then have fun with your friends around the world playing football.

Some of these apps are described as:

Football Strike –Multiplayer Soccer:

You can take your friends in multiplayer free-kick face-offs, and you can also make a name for yourself in the career model. You can also show off your style or represent your team’s colors. It is easy to play, and it offers competitive football fun.

Soccer Cup 2020: Free Real League of Sports Games

It provides free soccer games anytime and anywhere. There are seasons in this app, and you can lead your team through the whole season. That’s fun! Also, it provides tournaments and practice.

Final kick 2020 Best Online football penalty game

Here it provides penalty game completely free. It gives 20 offline tournaments that are played against 100 of the best soccer teams offline. You can play against your friends online or let the game to find an opponent for you.


To conclude, making the best of your leisure time, you can play games on the internethere พนันบอลออนไลน์. Some of these games are paid and a few are free. In this pandemic season, nobody can take the risk of going outside and having fun playing soccer, so it is the best option to play games online. It will also help you to stay connected to your friends, family, etc. Also, it improves mental health, keeps mood happy!

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