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Football considered the only game which played in almost every state of the world. Football, as being the popular and most played game, is generating huge revenue for almost every country of the world.

Football vs. soccer games

It is the most frequently asked question. People are confused about either Football and soccer are the same or different. The answer depends upon from which point of view you are asking this question. If you ask this question from an American point of view, then the answer is yes; both are different games. Football or American Football is a type of rugby where the oblong-shaped ball passed and kicked. Whereas soccer played with a round shaped ball that headed and kicked during the whole game.

Outcomes of playing games online

The traditions and culture are changing day by day. People around the world are now moving toward playing games online. It may be due to the increased use of technological devices. There are different outcomes of playing games online, which positively and negatively affect the Player. A few of the mentioned below:

  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • A source of learning
  • Enhances memory
  • Helps in improving social skills
  • Helps in relieving stress
  • Enhances multitasking skills
  • Keep you engaged
  • Improves coordination
  • A big source of entertainment
  • Improves attention and concentration
  • Skill development

Though playing games and sports boost physical and mental health, yet the trend of playing games online is growing day by day. With newly developed games and sports, one can play anytime. It is now easier than before to access games and sports of your choice online too.

Free football online games

Playing games for free is the requirement of almost every individual Player. There is a minimum ratio of people who want to play paid games. Keeping all these needs and requirements of players in mind, we founded a few footballs and soccer games that one can play for free. Below a list of soccer and football games are given, which one can play online for free or see here ดูบอลออนไลน์

  • Football Lob Master 3

This is one of the best football แทงบอล games for free with 500 plus votes and 4.3 ratings. This game is available with better graphics and levels. The Player can only lobby it over the keeper, and the teammates in the game can shoot straight at the goal. Almostall levels of this game will clear with a single shot, but some levels require at least two attempts. One can use a mouse to aim and use the left click to shoot.

  • Speedplay World Soccer 3

This is a soccer game with more than 1500 votes and 4.2 ratings. The Speedplay world soccer 3 is a similar game as the previous one but with a few updates. It is easy to play. The Player will use the mouse to move his Player in the game. When a player has the ball, then use the mouse button to shot towards the cursor target.

  • Free kick Duel

The best soccer game that one can play for free is available with 5000 plus votes, and 4.2 ratings, the Player in this game can shoot from different positions in this game. The Player against the big Player, so takes care while playing. The Player has to make the first 3 goals to win the game.

  • Dkicker

This is another football game that is free to play online. It has 3000 plus votes and is available with 4.3 ratings. The Player can pick his team from the options given. The team players, either headers or volleys, will win the cup. Use the mouse to move your player use left mouse button to kick the ball.


From the above description, we concluded that both football and soccer games play a significant role either online or offline. Online game playing trend is increasing due to technological advancement. People do have different technological devices like; smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. they are free to play games, watch movies, and do their work using these devices. Users worldwide can now play games for free, whether it’s a soccer game or a football game.

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