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Your Ford F-250 Super Duty uses oil to lubricate the moving parts in its engine. Without the proper oil type, you could experience significant issues. Maintain your heavy-duty truck with the right oil type today. Learn about oil components, how to choose the right oil and how to test ignition coil to keep your truck moving forward.

Oil Components Explained

Motor oil is made of base oil and a number of additives. Learn more about the compounds that make up your oil to find out why it’s so important to routinely change your motor oil. Here are the most common types of additives you may find in your motor oil:

  • Viscosity improvement
  • Detergent
  • Dispersant
  • Wear protection

These increase the lifespan of your oil and engine by creating the ideal viscosity for proper lubrication, avoiding oil breakdown and cleaning your motor. Engines run at different temperatures, so it’s important to choose the right motor oil to keep your Super Duty operating efficiently.

How To Choose the Right Motor Oil

Shop for Ford F-250 Super Duty oil filters and oil at a local, reliable auto parts store to be sure you make the right choice. Talk to a professional who understands your make, model and year of truck or use your owner’s manual to verify the correct option.

Motor oil comes in a wide range of weights. These are expressed with two numbers, like 10W-30 or 5W-20. The first number describes the viscosity of your oil during cold temperatures, while the second is the viscosity at 212 degrees. Viscosities should be consistent between manufacturers, but some may use unique additives for cleaning, oil life or other improvements.

Oil that is too thin won’t offer enough lubrication for all the moving parts in your truck’s engine. Thick oil won’t spread evenly throughout the engine and may not reach every moving part. It’s critical to choose the exact same weight of motor oil that your F-250 originally came with. Additives and brands can vary but the weight of the oil should remain constant.

Signs of a Bad Ignition Coil

Another important repair to keep your engine going is to replace your ignition coil. This coil converts low-voltage electricity from your battery into high-voltage power to cause your spark plugs to spark. Here are the most common signs that you need to repair or replace your ignition coil:

  • Backfiring engine
  • Stalling vehicle
  • Difficulty starting
  • Reduced fuel economy

If you experience one or more of these signs, disconnect your battery and remove your ignition coil. Test it using a multimeter to determine whether it needs to be replaced. Some vehicles have more than one coil, so check your owner’s manual for the location of any ignition coils in your truck.

Learn More About Your Ford F-250

A few maintenance steps can keep your F-250 hauling heavy loads and safely transporting you and your family wherever you need to go. Shop for ignition coils, motor oil and other Ford F-250 Super Duty auto parts online or at your local auto parts store for affordable rates on premium maintenance parts.

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