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bully sticks for dogs.

Meaning of a bully stick– It is a dog chew stick made up of a single ingredient which is beef muscle, usually of bulls pizzle. It is high in protein content making it a healthier product for dogs. It is recommended for any size, age, and breed of dog because of its benefits. These sticks are fully digestible in comparison with raw bones which are sometimes difficult to digest for the dog. Your valuables like shoes, slippers can be saved by getting your dog this chewy treat.

Benefits of bully sticks:

  • These help in cleaning your dog’s teeth.
  • Highly digestible, resulting in no harm to intestines.
  • Beef in bully sticks contains amino acids which help in keeping fit- dogs muscles, coat, skin, and brain.
  • Bully sticks do not contain any artificial additives, chemicals, and preservatives so it does not cause any allergy to dogs.
  • Bully sticks are very tasty so your dog will enjoy it chewing the whole day.
  • During chewing, the bully stick does break into splinters, thus making it safe for a dog to eat.
  • These bully sticks are odor-free; means dog can eat it anywhere and everywhere.

Dimensions of mainly available bully sticks are 6x1x1, 10x7x2.5, 6.9×4.1×1.7, 11.8×0.8×0.8 inches with 25-50 bully sticks in bags.

There are different alternatives to bully stick which are homemade:

  • Sweet Potato- It is perfect for an upset stomach of the dog. It has very high fiber content which helps in solving the problem of constipation. Dogs really love to eat sweet potatoes and are very good for the health of the dog.
  • Fresh Carrots- Carrots have high nutritional value and are only one vegetable dog likes to eat.
  • Antlers- These dog chews are shed from deer, moose, and elk as a by-product and are naturally rich in phosphorus and calcium.
  • Himalayan Dog Chews- It is made from pure Yak milk which is a solid cheese snack. It is an amazing vegetarian alternative to bully stick.
  • Branches and sticks- When roaming around, dogs tend to pick fallen branches and sticks off the tree and would like to chew them. It is eco-friendly but some trees are toxic and chewing their branches will cause harm to a dog’s intestines.
  • Frozen Treats- These are long-lasting alternatives like frozen meat, biscuits or cookies. Flavored cubes can also be made in ice trays. It is mostly preferred on a sunny hot day and helps in cooling down the dog.

But when you need to have something durable as well as highly nutritional for your dog, you need to go for bully sticks for dogs. Proper protein intake is taken care off with the help of bully sticks. These sticks do not cause any blockage while digesting. Puppies who can chew hard meats can easily chew these bully sticks. 3 years or 36 months are mostly the shelf lives of bully sticks, which means they last a very long amount of time. Healthy treat plus great teeth cleaning agent are major advantages of these sticks.

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