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shirt manufacturers in delhi

Shirts are the most basic component of a man’s wardrobe. Be it casuals, formals or party wears, your wardrobe is totally empty if you don’t own a shirt. A good looking and fitting shirt will make you look like a gentleman in no time. Shirts began as a sub-clothing to be worn under the coats. But now it has its own identity.

Attractive features of shirts

There are several attractive features of shirts that make them stand out from other men’s clothing like t-shirts. There is a reason why there are several shirt manufacturers in Delhi and other cities. Shirts can be worn on any occasion. For corporate and business parties, shirts are necessary but they can also be worn while partying with friends and can be worn under a jacket while going to a club. It gives you the gentleman look that cannot be obtained from t-shirts. Shirts cater to all types of body types and easily fit everyone.

Popular trends in the shirt industry

  • Checkered shirts:

Checkered shirts are not just a staple for punk culture and the youth. Several fashion brands and companies have begun manufacturing checkered styled shirts for older men and working-class men. This type of clothing is attractive with monotonous colors, looks good on nearly everyone and can be worn in any type of weather and outside temperature.

  • Denim:

Denim shirts have always been loved by street style and ghetto style lovers. But now they have torn through the mainstream market. It is extremely popular among youth, especially college students.

  • Printed shirts:

Printed fabrics were only part of beach culture. But now it is widely accepted as a great fashion trend in big cities. The beautiful looks, colorful prints, and universal comfort have made them popular among the older class and retired men. They are in heavy demand during the summer season.

  • The classic black and white:

These were popular since the beginning of modern men’s clothing and will probably remain that way for a very long time. It is an essential part of men’s wardrobe. They are suitable for any occasion or party. They have the universal look, can be worn under a jacket, coat or without them.

The monochrome style is extremely popular among adults and thousands of shirts are distributed by shirt manufacturers in Delhi and other cities of India.

What to look for while buying a shirt

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is a comfort. If your clothing is not comfortable enough, there is no reason to buy them.

Always choose the sleeves and fitting of the shirt keeping your body type in mind. You don’t want your shirt to look loose, baggy or tight.

Shirts have a universal appeal and provide you the gentleman look you might be desiring. There are several looks and colors you can choose from. Moreover, they are easily available. There are plenty of shirt manufacturers in delhi and other cities of India from where you can buy a good looking shirt. Just keep the trends in mind and stay stylish.

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