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Home pregnancy test

Nowadays the process of pregnancy tests becomes very much advanced. One can test and sure about their pregnancy at the home. There are many kinds of products available in the market which helps to detect the pregnancy and make sure it. Many companies produce a different kind of pregnancy tests kits which are easily available in the market. These products are easy to use and gave 80-90 percent sure and guaranteed result. This kind of test only gave the 80-90 percent guaranteed, rest 10 – 20 percent is given by the doctor by considering a urine test result.

 Types of pregnancy tests

Pregnancy tests are of different types. One is happening in the lab through urine or kind of tests and other is happening at the home through pregnancy kit. There are two types of pregnancies blood tests happened in the laboratory by giving blood samples. One is a Qualitative HCG blood test which detects whether there is any HCG produced in the body, mainly these tests assure that whether one is pregnant or not. The other pregnancy blood test is Quantitative HCG test which measures the level of HCG in the blood. The tests which are happened at the home these happen through urine test with the help of pregnancy kit. These kit mainly work with urine sample and of it is positive then it shows double red/purple color mark.

 Pregnancy kit test in home

There are many companies now produces different kind of pregnancy test kit which helps to detect the pregnancy. It gave instant results and expectant get a relief. As the lab test is taken quite a long time, so for the instant result it is helpful. But sometimes it cannot give the exact results. In many cases the results were incorrect. These kinds of disadvantages associated with the pregnancy test kit. There are different types of home pregnancy test kit available in the market that one can easily buy and use.

Pregnancy blood test

As the pregnancy blood tests are happening in the laboratory, so it gives the accurate result. These kinds of tests are happened with blood sample and it gives the 100 percent correct result in most of the cases. These kinds of tests are very much appreciated by the people as well as the doctor for its’ 100 percent satisfactory result. But these tests have also some disadvantages like the report or the result is not instant. It takes minimum One to two days and then one can get the report. If there is any problem in the laboratory then it gives the incorrect results.


It is very much important to make a pregnancy test when the period is not happening in one month. In pregnancy there are different types of complications happen, so for that reason it is very much important to take care of the mother as well as the baby from the 1st day of pregnancy and consult with doctors for the condition. There are different types of pregnancy tests are there in the medical science which helps to detect the pregnancy.

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