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How LinkedIn Can Be the Platform of Your Social Media Strategy

There are a huge number of people using LinkedIn these days. Whether they are job seekers or employer or the employees, everyone knows how much LinkedIn can help them in achieving their goals regarding career. If you are all set to take your career to the next level, LinkedIn is the place that can help you do that.

You can get even great results by making your LinkedIn account as the center of your all other professional social media accounts. This will help you in getting more value and even more visibility, on LinkedIn. Making LinkedIn as the center of your all professional social media accounts is a great plan to go for. Here we are mentioning some steps that you can follow to reach your desired goals.

Building the Brand Communications

Firstly, you need to develop brand communication material that you can use for all of your social media accounts. After doing so, you will get to understand that how you can post them on all different social media forms, without going for a new content for each platform.

  1. The Brand Identity – Your brand identity is more like a gift packing. We all love a gift when given to us with wrapped in a beautiful wrapping paper and is decorated wonderfully. What’s inside is no more important now, as we are happy with the outer packaging. This is the similar case if you want more visibility; you need to have a good brand identity. It includes almost everything from color to images to taglines to fonts, etc. Firstly, you have to develop a brand identity for your LinkedIn profile, with a customizable background image and then you can make the same for all other social media profiles like – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  2. Bio – LinkedIn gives you 2000 words to tell the world about you and you should and have to use these words very wisely. Make an effective and compelling bio for your LinkedIn summary. It needs to at its best, because this is something someone will go through when your name is being searched on Google. Your LinkedIn summary is something which is most likely to be read by other in your bio. Your bio is the first impression that a person will have who don’t know you personally and you definitely want the first impression to last forever. Create your bio for LinkedIn and when you are happy with it, go for a shorter version of it for your other social media profiles.
  3. Images – It will be a great idea to add some images to the experience and summary sections of your LinkedIn account. You can not only add images but can also go for slide presentations, whitepapers or videos, etc. Now if you want that, when a search is made of your name on Google Images, then your photo should appear on page one that you have to take care of one thing that is to name your photo as yourname.jpg. One more thing that you need to focus on is that different types of social media are made for showing different sides of your personality. It is definitely good to be more professional on LinkedIn than on Facebook, and also will be good to be more creative and fun loving on Twitter than on LinkedIn.

Know Your Social Media

Now we need to choose the right form of social media’s that can help us in making the right career for us. We need to target the social media’s where more such audience spends their time. After finding the right social media’s, we have to start thinking about how these social media’s can overlap with LinkedIn.

  1. Twitter – Do you know that you can make updates or tweet without going to your twitter account? Yes, you can do this by linking your twitter account to your LinkedIn account. After linking both of them together, when you make an update on your LinkedIn profile, it will also reflect your twitter profile. The only condition that is there is the post should not have more than 140 characters.
  2. YouTube – As we have already discussed above that now LinkedIn offers you to add videos to the Experience and Summary sections, you can definitely add some easily from your YouTube channel, which will enhance your profile even more. Also from the YouTube’s share option, you can share the links to your videos with your LinkedIn groups and connections.
  3. SlideShare – LinkedIn has purchased SlideShare, and now they have a great and strong integration in between them. SlideShare is a very powerful means of sharing your thoughts with others. When you publish the PDF file of a slide presentation on SlideShare, you can make it available to all of your connections and groups of LinkedIn. You can also publish it to your LinkedIn profile instantly. You can get more insights on masterclass review also checkout masterclass all access pass with discount

Author bio-Aman Jha is a digital marketing author, speaker, and consultant. He is a sucker for fine words and blogs about digital marketing and startups and run a digital marketing agency maxzob

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