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Art of Nailing Interviews

Sitting cross-legged in front of a company VP with a nervous voice and clueless expressions- does this scene remind you of your last interview for an entry-level job? If yes, then you badly need to learn the art of nailing job interviews. The secret to crack a job interview lies within how well you have prepared your resume and how confidently you face the interviewers. Also, it is imperative to know about the expected question while in-person screening and panel interviews before appearing for the entry-level job interviews. The first round usually is a screening interview where you need to convince the interviewer so that they invite you for the next rounds of the panel discussion and other assessments.

Art of Nailing Interviews

Decline a Telephonic Interview

Sounds strange but if you receive a call from a company and they ask to arrange a telephonic round, decline politely. Telephonic calls are mostly impromptu; you won’t get time to prepare for the interview. Rather make a request to schedule an in-person screening test so that you can prepare well and present yourself in a pleasing way. Telephonic interviews are not that bad; your aim behind getting rid of it should be to get some time to prepare.

Make an Interesting CV & Cover Letter

Don’t let the interviewer take you lightly just because professional jobs are virgin territory for you. A cliché resume won’t help anymore. Make your resume interesting with some out-of-the-box ideas narrating your accomplishments. Elaborate your achievements in academics and internship projects through your resume and let the employer know you better. Don’t forget to carry a cover letter depicting why you are fit for the position you’ve applied for.

Hack the Mind of Interviewer

Hacking is not always unethical. Once you appear for the screening test, try to hack the mind of the interviewer and speak what they want to listen. It will help you impress them fully and as a result, you will inch towards the further rounds with their impressive comments. Qualifying the screening test on a good note is just like half battle won. The positive comments from the screening test taker on your resume will create a good impression of yours among penal members.

Do Pretty Good Homework about the Company

In a panel interview, your knowledge about the company plays the most pivotal role. Browse the company website, its social media handles, and other relevant information thoroughly- know about its mission, vision, services, current growth, etc. Your confident answers are sure to astound the interviewers with a sign that you are sincere and highly conscious about getting this job. Don’t give such suggestions that challenge their perceptions; it may increase the count of negatives.

Follow the Basics

Last but not least, you need to follow the fundamental interview rules. Keep even the vibration of your phone off to create an interruption-free environment. Make adequate eye contact with polite expressions to epitomize your confidence. Mind your body postures; don’t ever sit cross-legged as it will show you are very nervous. Though showing a tinge of nervousness may also work for you as it will show how important this job is for you.

Final Words

This is how you can ace the interviews and receive an offer letter only in your first job interview. Pull up your socks and kick-off your job hunting keeping the above-discussion in mind.

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