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During this pandemic time, many people need to stay in their homes for safeguarding their life. Due to this reason all production, IT, and IT-based companies ran out of work progress. It causes great demand for products and services in the entire world market. Many offices ran out of a job and it impacts the entire economic growth as well as your carrier. The pandemic situations make everyone to suffer a lot and people went off as jobless people. Some people are fired from job for loss of company production on it. Many people went jobless in every company and industry for these pandemic reasons.

Funny way of narrating office work

Even the job had people become jobless due to this pandemic time. The unemployed person gets frustrated and gets angry on the management side and chooses the action in a comedy way. The office video show how the staff member is working in the company. The office is the places where people are working from various places and it will much fun and happy moment are created in the place. Even though the work tougher the office environment will make more fun and excitement on the atmosphere. The office is one of the best environment places to work rather than work from home.

Binge is the most popular YouTube channel on the internet and with millions of subscribers and viewers for their channel. Now they come with different content with this current situation which happens in recent times. The video topic is all about jobless vs working where they comically created the concept to entertain their subscriber and their audiences. The narrator Badri Chavan plays a major role in this script about losing the job in a comedy way on it. The channel also comes with the content about office funoffice humor, and other things on it.

 The channel also comes with Binge Hindi where most people in north India speak much. This makes their YouTube channel to the peak level also gets more subscribers and viewers for every video on it. Every time they use to come with a new video which becomes more popular and gets a viral video on the internet and social media. The YouTube channel narrator also gives Badri Chavan comedy videos on their channel and gets more views on it. Their channel video also becomes a viral video 2020 trending videos. The video is full about the office comedy theme based one on comic effect on it

The alright is the most popular and familiar YouTube channel and it comes with high-class content to make their audience happy with a more satisfied one on it. The YouTube channel comes with high-quality content with comedy and a deep message to think. Even the channel takes much reasonability and responsibility about the nation with a trending videos 2020 topic to deliver the major on it. The channel also gives more content with comedy in sense to make the audience to think more enough. Every time they come with a new type of video and it becomes more effective and become viral videos 2020 on the internet as well as social media.

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