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There are several legal ways to move to the United States, from student visas and job invitations to investment immigration for big business people. One of the most convenient options is the E-2 visa. However, it has one deficiency — only citizens of countries that have signed the necessary agreement with the States can get it. For the other ones, this visa is not available.

And here, Grenada is ready to come to the rescue. The local passport allows you to apply for an American E-2 visa, and Grenadian citizenship can be bought for investment. The process takes a little longer and is more expensive, but this Caribbean citizenship provides other benefits.

What does the passport of Grenada give?

The main advantages of a Grenada passport:

  • Visa-free regime: 144 countries are ready to accept citizens of Grenada without a visa or by issuing a permit upon arrival. Grenada is one of the record holders for the number of states with which visa-free travel has been concluded.
  • China: Among the countries, you can visit without a visa and other difficulties with a Grenadian passport, China is worth mentioning separately. Citizens of Grenada can stay up to thirty days a year without applying for a visa in the People’s Republic of China. For business trips and negotiations, this term is more than enough.
  • Taxes: Grenada is one of the legendary Caribbean tax havens. Here individuals do not pay taxes on income, including foreign taxes, gift taxes, wealth, stamp duties, etc. And even the property tax here does not rise above 0.5%.

Learn more about the Grenada passport, advantages and disadvantages of the local citizenship-by-investment program by the link https://migronis.com/en/grenada-citizenship.

E-2 visa

A US visa E-2, which can be obtained with a passport of Grenada, and its closest analog, the American EB-5 investment visa, are distinguished by several main points:

  • Investments: The minimum investment for an E-2 visa is $220,000. At the same time, the EB-5 program requires a deposit of $900,000.
  • Terms: An E-2 visa is issued in six months. A favorable decision on EB-5 can be expected for several years.
  • Immigration: E-2 is a nonimmigrant visa. It is a perfect option for those who will live, do business, or study in America but do not want to get an American passport.

How to get Grenada citizenship by investment?

Firstly, you need to decide which investment option is best for you. You can choose among:

  1. Non-refundable donation: you need to give $150,000. It is the cheapest option, but the investor will never be able to return these funds.
  1. Purchase of real estate: you need to contribute $350,000. This variant is significantly more expensive, but the project for investment is profitable, and over time you will fully return the invested funds.

When you have chosen the option, it is best to contract with a licensed immigration agency such as the international company Migronis. Experts will collect and prepare documents, translate and apostille them, conduct a preliminary check of the applicant, order a full package of documents and an application, send them to the Migration Service of Grenada and take over the communication on the case. The investor will only have to sign the questionnaire, pay for the investment, wait for approval, and finally get the new passport of Grenada in 3-5 months.

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