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Brain TumorsDoctor denoting with pen on the MRI test result.


Brain tumors have been growing health issues in children. It is a matter of shock that over 74% of children suffering from brain tumor below the age of 15 years. If we analyze the maximum number of cases, then the cause of a brain tumor is fluid build-up at the back of the brain. Due to this disorder, a child may suffer issues in performing the usual body function or suffer from facial paralysis too.

If it is not cured, it may lead to many complex issues and finally prove to be fatal. At the same time, not all the treatments are fruitful for children. Intense radiations can be tolerated by the adult brain, but the same can prove to be harmful to adults. However, if you avail Brain Tumor Treatment in India, the doctors have separate treatment methods for children. These treatment options cure the brain tumor symptoms as well as maintain the health of the child without any harmful consequences.

Why Visit India for Brain tumor Treatment?

The country ranks second amongst all the nations of the world, for providing effective brain tumor treatment in children as well as adults. The doctors in India have treatment options for all types of malignant and benign tumors.  The expert surgeons can cure all the popular standards of tumors in children that include ependymomas, pilocytic, brainstem gliomas, craniopharyngiomas, brainstem gliomas and much more.

Also, the patient does not have to face many side-effects after the treatment of all grades of brain tumor, as specified by WHO. Grade I and grade II tumors are low-grade tumors that are least malignant or say benign. These types of tumors grow at a prolonged rate, and the treatment of such tumors is possible by the surgery only in India without requiring radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

However, if your child is suffering from grade III or Grade IV tumor that is usually malignant, the doctors in India can cure it. However, it may require chemotherapy sessions before or after the treatment. The surgeons try to keep the dosage within the acceptable levels so that the child does not face any side-effects after the procedure. The recovery after the surgery can be more than that in case of the benign tumors, but the cure is possible.

Apart from this, one more thing that attracts the medical tourists to the country for brain tumor surgery is the Brain tumor Treatment Price in India. You get to avail the healing as well as you have to pay the minimum in comparison to any other country of the world.

Final Words:

Do not make your child suffer and allow his situation to get worse. Sometimes the delay in treatment can make the situation more complicated, where the procedure is nearly impossible. Because it is possible to increase the intensity of radiation in case of adults but when it is about children they cannot bear with it. So, plan your treatment at the earliest.

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