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If you do not live in a world section that is blessed with a great climate for tanning or just want to keep you good and consistent through the down period when the temperature goes down, you might turn around to use a sun chair.

There are ways that you expected you can enhance your sun experience so you are better, and one way to use indoor tanning lotions. Even though this is not a sure way to guarantee you will tan well, it can help, and this kind of product can benefit you in various ways.

We will discuss some of the main benefits of this post.

Moisturize your skin

Tanning tends to dry your skin. Indoor tanning lotion can help refill the moisture that is lost when you tan. Furthermore to this benefit, the skin that is adequately moistened will have a healthier light for it.

Can help you tan faster

There is a thought that indoor tanning lotion can help the skin to absorb UV light much faster than without. Tyrosine is a material that most people recommend you search for when choosing indoor tanning lotion because this plays an important role in the stimulation of natural melanin production.

Cooling effect

Needless to say, do you think it’s safe to tan in a sunbathing seat or not, it can be quite hot and uncomfortable in one. This is another reason why investing in a good quality indoor tanning lotion might be a good idea because many of them provide a pleasant tingling and cooling sensation.

Anti-aging property

Because the inner tanning lotion is a moisturizer, many of them contain ingredients that can help reverse unpleasant aging signs. You must see the lotion in a room containing essential vitamins and skin fasteners agents.

Can protect from burns

Again, this post is not about whether you feel a bad or good tanning bed, but if you are worried about uneven tanning, peeling, or even the possibility of burning but want to use it, you have to invest in a good lotion. Because they often help you faster, you don’t need to spend as much time as possible in bed for good results, reduce your chances of burning.

If you are going to use a tanning lotion, the best is following the specific product instructions you choose. Who is saying, we always suggest you use this kind of lotion about 2 to 3 hours before you maturity in Solarium. Because there are many different products out there, it might be more difficult than you think between the best indoor tanning lotions, that’s why we will always suggest that you examine as much as possible about various types of lotions. There are several developers called, some are called fixers, and some are called bronzers and they all help you tan in their specific way. There is no one-product-for-all approach, so you need to find the most suitable for you.

Now you know some of the main benefits of using Sun Lotion, we are sure you will be able to find the right one for you.

Do I need to use tanning lotion for indoor tanning?

The best answer is yes!

It may be easy to assume that tanning lotions are not needed when using tanning beds. You might not even want to bother foaming, but everything goes down to keep your skin protected and for the type, you want to achieve!

Inner tanning lotion protects and feeds your skin for a tan that is better and durable. Not only will you use it to make you reach the Tan Radiant, but it will also increase your skin as a whole. Indoor tanning lotion contains a lot of vital nutrition for the skin, plus hydrate particles that keep your skin tight, wrinkle-free, and prevent it from dry and itchy.

Remember that dry skin reflects UV light, so if you don’t use indoor tanning lotions, you can waste up to 50% of your tanning session!

Some tips for choosing the perfect tanning lotion

  • Decide whether you want the Bronzer (DHA) component in your lotion or not. A bronzer will increase your tan and produce instant satisfaction when you get out of bed.
  • Check the aroma of the lotion first! You don’t want to invest your money on a professional tanning lotion if you can’t stand the smell so on your skin!
  • Are you a cream person or lotion? Lotions come in various consistency; They work together, so this is a matter of personal preference.

Using tanning lotion can help you see the results 60% faster, and it will also help you keep healthy skin. However, it is always recommended to choose a professional tanning lotion instead of a commercial, over-the-counter one, because they do not have the same effectiveness and material to maximize your tanning results and extend their lives.

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