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The existence of kratom in the community has experienced a long history and has been part of the solution to public health problems since hundreds of years ago, especially in areas where kratom grows wild both in homes, plantations and forest forests, such as in Sulawesi, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua New Guinea and are endemic to forests in the area until now kratom has become a commodity that is widely recognized by the world community, especially Americans and parts of Europe so that kratom has a fairly high economic value.

Kratom is a popular plant because it is considered an herb that has a broad spectrum to treat various human health problems, not only that, kratom is also a controversial commodity, even in its home country like Indonesia because if it is consumed excessively it will cause dependence like opiates, although on a lighter level. In some cases, Kratom can also be used as a therapy to reduce narcotic dependence.

There are several types of kratom plants that grow in Indonesia and several Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, where this type of kratom is based on the color of the leaf veins, and also has one dominant benefit, among others, namely

Green vein kratom, this type of kratom has a dominant effect on increasing energy as well as relieving pain and fatigue without being accompanied by drowsiness so that it can increase focus in every work we do.

White vein kratom, this type of kratom does not have a strong pain-relieving effect, but users use it because of its stimulant effect which can help increase energy and concentration as well as improve mood and pleasure.

Red vein kratom, this type is the most popular among users, has a strong sedative effect that creates a relaxed atmosphere, is perfect for people with insomnia or difficulty sleeping, and strong enough to relieve muscle soreness.

But what needs to be underlined, of all the benefits of kratom, it will increase according to the number of doses consumed, this is where the maturity of kratom users is needed since the first time-consuming kratom with discipline in regulating doses and not using it every day to reduce the effects of withdrawal

Thus the existence of kratom which has many health benefits must be viewed as positive, and beginners need to learn some things about kratom, especially the issue of dosage, benefits, and side effects before deciding to buy and consume it. the presentation of kratom is also something that needs to be learned to get the right potential that is needed by the user

Taking kratom in capsule form is widely considered to be a more effective and easy way because it eliminates some work that requires the user’s accuracy every time you consume kratom which is very likely to occur, the use of kratom capsules is based on the kratom dosage in powder form and the most familiar capsule size. on the market is a size of 00 which can be filled with 0.5-074 grams of powder, for convenience, if we assume 1 capsule size 00 contains 0.5 grams of kratom powder, then we can adjust the dosage in several levels, namely, light, medium and high dosage as follows

Low dosage

With a dose of 1-2 grams of kratom powder, it is enough to increase energy and stimulation will also be more fun, if converted into capsules according to the above ratio to 2-4 capsules

Moderate dosage

Kratom powder in moderate doses is 2-4 grams, is stronger in providing a sedative effect, relieves pain, improves mood, and is more energetic and ready to face challenges, when put in a capsule into 4-8 capsules.

High dosage

Stronger as a sedative, and analgesic function, namely at a dose of 8-10 capsule and is not recommended except as therapy for people with severe pain

To get the maximum effect, you should consume kratom on an empty stomach, at least 40-60 minutes after eating.

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