Sat. Sep 2nd, 2023

Different native advertising platforms are rising fast and putting traditional advertising out of the market

The reason why many opt for native advertising is that they don’t want to lose their users or consumers due to the many inconveniences that traditional advertising brings.

With so many ads popping up on sites, consumers or users find it hard to enjoy their time. And in most cases, they get frustrated and leave the site. 

So, while traditional advertising intrudes and disturbs users or consumers’ experience on a site, native advertising does the opposite.

Native advertising introduces its ads in content by fitting seamlessly into the content that the consumers can hardly tell it’s an ad.

It brings total convenience and consumers can enjoy their time on the site.

Now, because of the increase in the rate at which people are turning towards native advertising, there are so many native advertising platforms to choose from.

It is indeed true that native advertising packs many benefits with it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its inside.

You might be wondering, what risk could use the best native advertising platforms bring? After all, you’d be using the best.

Risks of using Native Advertising Platforms

Of course! There are certain risks involved in employing the services of native advertising platforms. Some of which will be discussed below:

  1. Reduced credibility: 

How high do you think the believability of a site will rank when consumers find out that they’ve been reading an ad all along and not contents? 

Of course, they’d feel disappointed and deceived. 

In the first place, they were led to believe that your site delivers the best content, but when they discover that at some point, you were out to deceive them, they may leave and never come back. 

This reduces the credibility of a site and the believability of consumers in that site.

  1. High-cost rate:

While it is true that native advertising helps monetize your contents, the cost of accessing a native advertising platforms agency is usually high. 

Some platforms are only accessible by sites with a minimum of 1 billion page views. 

What does that say to you about the cost of their services?

In a bid to access these platforms, some sites have been plundered into debt with the hope of getting it back when they eventually make a lot of sales. It doesn’t always work that way and that makes it a risk.

  1. Lack of transparency:

All consumers want is for you to be transparent with them.

 Disguising an ad as content makes it impossible to be transparent. Let them know when it’s an ad and when it’s not. 

In regards to this, there are certain guidelines you can follow to improve transparency with users or consumers.

  • Regulate what advertisers are allowed to know.
  • Stipulate boldly the difference between an ad and its contents.
  • Be ready to sanction some advertisers that want to take advantage of their rights by manipulating news coverage.
  1. Security breach:

Although most native ads platforms are loyal, there’s always a risk of a security breach!

A native ad can be drafted by both the publisher and the native ad platform sometimes. But majorly, it is done by the native ad platform. This can leave room for a cybersecurity breach. 

When there’s a case of malvertising, it can be because there has been a breach of security from the end of the native advertising platforms.

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