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There are so many trains out there that take passengers every day from one place to another.  Whether short routes or the long routes; you can find thousands of passengers travelling every day.  All thanks to Indian railways that trains connect the different regions, cities, villages and even distinct areas of the country.

Do you have a plan to travel in absolutely fast running train that heads in between Bangalore and Danapur across the country? Well then you should go for Sanghamitra express because it is the finest option to travel into and has been running with train numbers 12295 and 12296.

The complete distance that is travelled by the superfast train is 2698 kms. Running with a normal speed of 56 km/hour, the train takes around forty eight hours and five minutes of time to cover the full distance. Train 12295 departs from the city of Bangalore at 09:00 hours and reaches the destination of Danapur at 09:05 hours on third day of the travel; it makes it a fairly long distance and trip to travel to. Train 12296 departs from Danapur at 20:10 hours and reaches the city of Bangalore at 20:20 hours on the third day of the journey.

You can easily get to know about the complete Sanghamitra express time table and other details. The train has been reckoned to be the lengthiestsuperfast train that belongs to South Western railway zone. Train 12295 starts from Bangalore to Patna and train 12296 runs in that of the opposite direction. Encompassing twenty five coaches in total, the express has been supported with sleeper, general, and air conditioned coaches encompassing AC I, AC II, and even that of AC III coaches for the travellers.

You get the details

You know if you want to know about the complete details about these trains and when they start, how much time they halt at different stations and much more, then you should check out on the official website of Indian railways or you can also go through some third party applications or websites catering the data.

Moreover, since it is a digital age, you would not have to go to the station to inquire about the trains and their timing and all. Even if you want to know about the current timing, the current status or on which platform the train is coming; you can check it all through your PNR number. Of course, once you book a ticket you get a PNR number that is mentioned on the right side of your ticket. This number is the key to all the information. You just have to fill it in the column on the official website of Indian railways and you get all the data.

If you don’t use internet then too you can call on the toll free number of Indian railways and get the information right away. You can even send an SMS on the number ‘139’ to get the information. Here remember that you have to mention your pnr number in the sms along with your inquiry. The sms might cost you 3 rupees and that is not a big amount at all.


So, go ahead and travel in this one of the longest route covering trains sanghamitra express and enjoy your travel.

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