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How do eyelashes grow back and how long does it take? How can you accelerate the growth of eyelashes? Long eyelashes are considered to be the ideal of beauty, which is why many women, in particular, ask themselves the questions about how they can promote eyelash growth. Some help the long lashes with an eyelash extension – however, after removing the permanent artificial lashes, one must take special care of one’s natural lashes and stimulate the lash growth accordingly. But how?

Facts – the most important facts about eyelashes

Natural Eyelashes Own Eyelashes

The density and length of lashes vary from person to person and is genetically determined.

Length of eyelashes: Eyelashes on the upper lash line become up to 13 mm long. The hairs on the lower eyelid become up to 8 mm long.

A number of eyelashes: On average, 90 – 160 eyelashes grow on the upper lash line. At the lower lash line, the number of lashes is 50 – 100 lashes.

Eyelashes fall out in their natural life cycle after 100 – 150 days and then renew themselves again.

Per eye 1 – 3 lashes fall out per day that means approx. Twenty-one lashes/ per week and approx. one hundred lashes / per month.

Tips on how to grow lashes faster

Bimat Eyelash Drops: The eyelash drop is one of the most popular beauty products on the eyelash market and consists of a multitude of caring and growth-promoting active ingredients. These help to stimulate eyelash growth and conjure up long lashes. In addition, the life cycle of the lashes is maximized by theBimat eyelash drops; you may order bimatoprost solution via okdermo.

Eye Massage: By massaging your eyelids daily (1-2 minutes), you stimulate the blood circulation of the hair root, which helps your lashes grow better.

Get enough sleep: lack of sleep can lead to hair loss because your hair grows especially at night. Accordingly, lack of sleep can disturb your eyelash growth and even lead to eyelash loss.

Optimal nutrition: Low-vitamin and one-sided nutrition prevent eyelash growth. Therefore, you should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and make sure that you take especially vitamins A, B, as well as iron (e.g. in the form of iron tablets) and zinc (e.g. in the form of zinc tablets). Suitable foods: oat flakes, sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, broccoli, salmon, beans, carrot or banana.

How do eyelashes grow back? (Growth cycle)

Like all your hair, your eyelashes grow back naturally. The fine hairs generally renew themselves similar to hairs on the head, only a little slower.

How long does it take until lashes grow back?

Basically, the speed of growth varies from person to person, as do the number, density and length of the individual lashes. Depending on genetic disposition, eyelashes grow back faster or slower. In order to understand lash growth better, you have to look at the life cycle of an eyelash.

Growth cycle

Every single lash has its own growth cycle.

This growth cycle is divided into three phases and lasts five to six months. Then the lashes renew themselves again.

Anagen phase: The production of your hair begins, and the lashes are in active growth. Your eyelashes are therefore correspondingly finer and shorter. In this phase, your own eyelashes should not be stressed by external influences, such as an eyelash extension. Eyelashes that fall out in the first phase need a particularly long time to grow back, as the growth cycle is interrupted. The first phase lasts on average, 90 days.

Catagen Phase: After your eyelashes have grown, they remain in a kind of transitional stage for about 21 days. In this phase, the lashes harden, which also means that the lashes are now “strong” enough to be covered with artificial lashes.

Telogen phase: This phase is called the so-called resting phase. Your lashes are now fully grown and remain as fully developed hair follicles in your lash line for about 100 days.

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