Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Content marketing is increasingly evolving, and with it, people’s expectations. You can’t keep using the same old techniques and expect to attract more customers, especially given the proof that has been provided by researchers knowing that people judge your website within seconds. This means that you have 10 seconds to convince your targeted customer to stick to your site. 

As such, visual content is more important than textual content as it creates more impact and has many other benefits.

  • Attracts attention

Visual content is visually attractive, and that has more effect on the brain, thus making it easier to remember. Most people are attracted to visual content and pay more attention to it because the brain tends to capture such content faster. 

Using visual content will get you the kind of engagement you are looking for from your customers.

  1.   Call to action

Getting customers to stay for longer on your website is important, but your goal should be to convert those leads to sales. Therefore, you need your customers to perform a call to action, and you can achieve that through visual content. 

Visual content also increases the emotional attachment your customers will have to your website and, by extension, your products. The kind of reaction the brain gets towards these content acts as a trigger that leads to instant reaction. This is one of the reasons why most people may buy your products on impulse if you use visual content. 

  1. Make the information easier to understand

Understanding blocks of texts takes time that your customers may not have. It becomes more difficult because passing your message across may require a lot of content. Shortening such content is also more challenging and may lead to your message being lost in the process. 

Visual content makes it easier for you to shorten your message and pass it across more effectively. Your customers will understand what you mean by simply looking at the pictures you have displayed. You can also add a short description to accompany the pictures or videos to enhance their effectiveness.

  1. Different types of visual content

The fact that there are different types of visual content makes it easier for you to target different demographics and find something that works best.

  • Infographics

If you’re talking about statistics and or other data, then infographics will be more appropriate for you. They help make your presentation more compelling and more structural, making it easier for your audience to digest the information and understand it. Infographics can also help the optimization of landing pages and social media use.

  • Photos

Images don’t just work well on their own, but they also come in handy when combined with blocks of texts. They also look great on multiple devices, especially on mobile devices that most people use, which will widen the customer base you reach. All you need are high-quality images that will be clear and vibrant, and Spokeo can help you out. You can use it as a tool to select the best images for your business niche and specific products and do a reverse number lookup.

  • Social media profiles

Social media content is great if your objective is to attract new customers. The shareable nature of such content makes it easier for you to reach more people within a short time, which is great for attractive, more customers.

You can also investigate your competitors’ social media accounts with the Use of Spokeo email search and find out what visual content they put there. 

  • Videos

Other than images, videos can also help you reach your goals, especially when you’re explaining how your products work. Videos are very motivational and will get you more sales. Most people also react to them positively, which is why they have a higher opening rate, which makes them great for email marketing. Video content also gives you better SEO results, better customer engagement, and a stronger emotional connection with your customers.

  • Graphics

Graphs, charts, diagrams, and maps can also be easier to understand, thereby making it easier for you to pass n relevant information to your customers.

Spokeo is not just great at finding out the kind of content your competitors used, but it could also help with reverse phone lookup. It is a great tool to help you achieve better results by investigating competitors and customers and increase profitability within a short duration.

Maguire Haigh is a content marketing manager for Spokeo. He is an expert in the business sphere. He prefers writing articles on marketing, social media presence, travel and startup topics. Maguire has great experience in travelling and deep knowledge of 5 foreign languages.


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