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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is powerful and effective. But not all companies understand their tremendous potential. Many big names do not care about SMS marketing. And then again, many beginners use the power of SMS marketingto succeed and become big names with time. SMS marketing alone is not going to give you an immediate magical result. There are many more marketing steps and strategies to be combined with this. But your reach ability to the mass gets extra better with SMS marketing.

Digital marketing surely is the hype globally, and there are reasons to back it up. But digital marketing done solely through the internet should not be your only focus point. When there are other ways to reach people with much more simplicity, and nice technology, then why not! After all, not all people are internet savvy until this date, like managed people and also people from developing countries and rural areas. To include them in your client list or association, you can always leverage the efficiency of SMS marketing. Here are some good tips to start your SMS marketing campaign, and continue systematically, so that you get to see results soon.

You need a team of experts

A team of experts is needed to handle SMS marketing campaign. SMS marketing, when planned, should not be planned in a DIY manner. This demands teamwork, as because many different services are required to make the campaign a success. You would need the support of the following to get the best results from an SMS campaign.

  • Retail expert
  • SMS marketing expert and strategist
  • On-location signage coordinators
  • Social media expert
  • Creative designers
  • ROI and budgeting expert
  • A branding and promotion expert

Now, none of the above services are mandatory. It depends on how you are going to plan it. If you include them, it would be a success. If you don’t, you still can plan and go for an SMS marketing campaign. But with these services, coordination would be easy. You would be reaping higher benefits out of the SMS marketing campaign when your entire team works coordinated for this.

It’s very important that you know your customer

With the use of a CRM app, which is the customer relationship management app, you must try and know your customer. The SMS marketing plan is just one great way to reach people, know who is reacting in what way, responding to the messages or not, and if responses are coming then what kind of they are, from which locations, what age group and professionals, and all such intricate details can be assimilated together in a CRM. And with this data, you can create some wonderful report, which would help you get a nice and clear direction to your SMS marketing program.

A CRM helps you go through the customer purchase history, queries made them, and location and other factor based customer list. This would help you send more messages about discounts, offers, coupons codes, and many such things to customers easily. That’s why you must either find a good CRM for this or get a good SMS marketing package, which comes with this facility. Without this control, you may send information about your product to the wrong person at the wrong location. But with a CRM and data based guide, you can plan all future SMS campaigns properly.

The rules of SMS promotions is to send all bulk messages to people in general, and only the promotions and offers to target customers. And you can do this comfortably using a CRM.

Get expressive with SMS marketing

There is a good and a bad thing about getting 160 characters to type your message. The bad thing is, 160charactersseems to be short of expressing too much and being elaborative. That’s the first idea you get about it when you think. The good thing is when you finally construct the message you discover the character limit was just the right one to help you frame a, to the point, straight and clear, direct expression message, which will not be boring, lengthy, and exaggerating for the readers. This is a boon which the email messaging marketing system misses. The unlimited text and multimedia input format of email messaging can spoil any message writer. But SMS doesn’t offer you this scope. Text messaging allows you to be precise with short yet complete information of a sale, discount, offer, etc.

Use of call to action text

The use of call to action text is an amazing way to involve customers more into the program. When you influence readers to show the message while availing some sale or offer etc., you get an idea of how much the SMS marketing campaign is working for you. This gives you an actual real view. Besides, customers also feel that call to action texts have this much importance that can help them grab a good offer.

Reach users effectively without disturbing them

Do you know that SMS messages do not stay stored and unread in the SMS inbox of a user for months? That happens with emails definitely, when hundreds to thousands of emails stay unread in the main folder or spam or junk folder. But this is not the same with text messages. Users generally immediately read their SMS messages or delete it. And even while deleting they glide an eye over the message to ensure they are not deleting something important. That’s why the reachability of SMS messages is too high. And most interestingly you don’t disturb the users too when you are careful to send messages at acceptable activity hours like from 8 am to 9 pm. You can visit here at know more about SMS marketing.

Concluding notes

With so many features and advantages of SMS marketing, you can reach the mass, and later use the data extracted to reach the special customers and important clients who react best to your marketing messages. Moreover, you can also add social media links and short URLs in text messages to increase your exposure from the text message to your online address.

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