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Many men in India do not like to stand out with their outfits. They are afraid of colors and prefer to wear most of them – grays, browns and blacks. This may be due to the inability to combine colors, but in my opinion the reason is primarily a mental barrier. Bolder colors are sometimes considered non-masculine, which is nonsense. Saturated colors introduce dynamics, rejuvenate and add style. Sometimes one strong color accent (tie, pocket square, sweater) is enough to add character to the whole styling. A man who wants to reach the “higher level of style” has to make friends with colors.

Give up t-shirts and jeans, like shirts and jackets.

Only a few decades ago, shirts were the basic element of men’s attire, but within a dozen or so years they lost their importance in everyday style in favor of t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. It is a pity, because a man in a shirt is gaining class and does not have to be an elegant shirt. If you prefer casual, try wearing a classic shirt with chinos (but made of a more casual fabric such as thin denim, vichy check, oxford cotton) tucked into pants, roll up the sleeves to the elbow and you’ll find that it looks much better than t-shirt or hoodie.

When it comes to jeans, there’s nothing wrong with them, as long as they’re the right fit, size and color. From my observations, it is not that simple for many men. The problem with jeans is also that almost everyone around them wears them. Out of 10 people walking down the street, 8 will probably be wearing jeans. They are a great alternative chinos, which can be more elegant or me, in terms of convenience and are even more comfortable than jeans.

Alright! It is also worth making friends with jackets. A man in a jacket acquires class and elegance. Nowadays, jackets are no longer the stiff armor that was associated with something uncomfortable. Casual jackets are made of soft fabrics, without lining, without stiffening. They are light and comfortable like a cardigan.

Invest in good shoes.

I have written many times on the blog that the domestic footwear market does not give us the opportunity to buy good and timeless shoes. The shelves are dominated by nightmares and buying classic shoes will be a challenge. However, it is worth looking for shoes of good quality and elegant appearance. It is not for nothing that it is said that shoes are a showcase of a man. You can save a little on clothes, but on shoes – not worth it. Good quality shoes are more comfortable, prettier, more durable and timeless. From my own experience, I will add that high-quality shoes are more often taken care of.

Build your own clothing base.

If you are starting to build your wardrobe anew, it is worth choosing clothes that will be classic and timeless in their stylish category. For some it may be a gray cotton hoodie without any inscriptions, and for others it may be a classic navy blue suit.

When completing the base of basic clothes, we should focus on simple and neutral clothes, i.e. those that can be easily combined with different styles, colors and patterns of other garments. Such things can be taken out of the wardrobe and combined with any item of clothing without hesitation.

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