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First love is a wonderful experience. Whether platonic or not, we idealize it. We see the world through rose-colored glasses. However, when love ends, we should keep an appropriate distance from it. How will it benefit us? Check out the article below.

First love is an extremely powerful experience that we usually never forget for the rest of our lives. We often compare our subsequent relationships to this very feeling. You often have seen this in Hindi web series. With adolescence, we become more aware of our sexuality, the need to meet the one or the only one arises and we become interested in finding a potential partner.

However, it should be added that if we thought so far that we can only fall in love when we are in our teens, we were wrong. Even small children – as young as three or four years old – can fall in love for the first time. This feeling cannot be underestimated, because for a child it is a really strong emotion and then it needs parental understanding, just like the older ones. Everyone needs their parents to accept and take the matter seriously at the time of their first love, because the natural stage in emotional development is the need to fall in love.

Way to love

We need to realize that there are several phases of pehla pyaar. At first there only likes, then comes the awareness that the other person is getting closer to us. Sometimes, however, just one gesture or a smile is enough to feel the infatuation that makes the other person important and unique.

If we are fortunate that our falling in love becomes reciprocated, with the time between us and the other person may develop a love based on intimacy and commitment. After the first phase of falling in love has passed, we will start to see defects in our partner that we have not seen before, and the passion will decrease. Then the real test of feelings will begin. Perhaps those who based their feelings on passion will want to end the relationship. Others, on the basis of attachment and commitment, will want to continue it.

What after breaking up?

If the fall in love passes and the relationship ends, or our infatuation is only platonic or unrequited, we will initially feel regret and sadness. It is important that we understand at the very beginning that it was only a stage in our life and another experience, joyful or painful, but it taught us something.

With time, we forget about bad times and idealize the experienced feeling. We must be careful because such thinking can be fatal! We should analyze this experience, experience anger, regret, and sadness and finally come to terms with the situation. It is very important. The first love is often imperfect, if we persisted in it longer, we would understand that our partner might not be suitable for us. It is worth realizing this because it will make it easier for us to create a satisfying relationship with someone else in the future.

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