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best cricket shoes for bowlers

Whether you are a club cricketer or you play at the international level, you cannot give your best if you are not in the right shoes. The cricket shoes need to be given more attention before a player chooses to get into the ground. The right type of shoes will enable the player to run effortlessly in the field. Bowlers usually have a different set of demands when it comes to finding shoes that don’t make them feel uncomfortable. We have some tips for all the bowlers who want to know as to how they should choose their footwear

  1. Choose high-quality material shoes:

Cricket players cannot buy shoes now and then. So, they try to buy shoes once and they want them to long last. Durable shoes can be purchased if you pay attention to the material. The upper material of the shoes should be of high quality that will increase the durability of the shoes. Try to find the shoes for yourself, which have an upper material made of polyethylene or any kind of synthetic material. Leather shoes are also liked very much because they also don’t get affected by the grass or by the hardness of the pitch. Finding the right type of shoes if the quality is your concern is easy due to Kookaburra Cricket Shop in Melbourne.

  • Choose a pair of shoes with suitable cushioning:

On average, every cricket player runs for like 4 to 5 km in a match. Bowlers, usually run more than batsmen. So, they need more comfort through their shoes. Bowlers should opt for shoes that provide increased cushioning. While standing in the field for a long period or running puts so much pressure on the ankles of the player. In this situation, if he does not choose the shoes which provide more cushioning, it will affect the performance of the player

  • Go for the more stable shoes:

A player does not need to slip on the ground while running which means he needs the kind of shoes which has more grip. In simple words, stability is the major concern of the cricket player. Spikes shoes are best for getting a ground grip. However, if you don’t like spike shoes for any reason, you can choose the shoes with a rubber sole as they also offer more stability. Shoes with threading in their bottom are also more stable than other shoes

  • Choose shoes with proper ventilation:

Ventilation is very important for players, especially for bowlers. Cricketers often sweat in their shoes which often turn into fungus due to moisture that causes serious problems subsequently. So, ventilation is imperative for a cricketer. There are specialized shoes that offer increased ventilation because they have air vents on different sides of the shoes to ensure airflow. If you don’t have shoes with ventilation, you will suffer later.

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