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Clean Swimming Pool

Our description of an ideal house doesn’t end unless there is a sparkling clean swimming pool at our backyard where we can splash during the summer months. But maintaining its cleanliness can surely be a tedious drill if you wish to maintain the crystal-clear water state round the year. Neglecting your pool can cause the water to turn hazy and cloudy, making you think twice before lunging into the same or inviting friends over for a pool party. Contrary to popular belief, it requires just a few steps to be followed on a daily basis to keep your pool clean and ready for you to jump in.

Clean Swimming Pool


Maintenance Of Chemical Levels

When we talk about optimally balanced pool water, we mean to say that it has the right amount of pH, calcium hardness and alkalinity levels. Every other thing would run smoothly if you initially maintain a balanced pool. This shall also prevent the plastic surfaces from etching and accessories as well as metal equipment from corroding. This can also prevent the formation of scale which is notorious for staining surfaces, damaging pool equipment and clouding your pool water. Proper chemical levels are also imperative for preventing skin and eye infection, which often disrupts the normal lifestyle of swimmers. Maintaining continuous levels of chlorine in between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million and pH between 7.2 and 7.6 can prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. You can make use of a water testing kit twice a week to check on the same. You might be required to lower down the pH of your pool by adding acids such as sodium bisulphate and muriatic acid if it is too high. And if the pH is too low, then you are advised to reduce the acidity by adding an alkali such as sodium carbonate. You can choose from the below-mentioned options when it comes to administering a chlorine treatment.

Liquid chlorine increases up to three times in strength when formulated especially for pool cleaning. This easy to apply liquid has a short shelf life in comparison to other chlorine products, but acts as an effective sanitizer. Make sure to discard the same on passage of few weeks since it eventually loses out on its functionality.
Chlorinating granules can help in performing multiple functions such as shocking and killing algae as well as chlorinating paired with single daily application.
Chlorinating tabs can remove contaminants by shocking and sanitizing your pool. Certain varieties even protect pool equipment and soften the water by controlling algae and killing bacteria.

Administering Algaecide And Shock On A Weekly Basis

Shocking treatments can free your swimming pool from contaminants which are known causes of eye irritation, chlorine odor and cloudy water. You can select amongst the following product options:

Basic shock products break down suntan lotions, cosmetics, perspiration and similar swimmer wastes as well as kill bacteria which cannot usually be filtered out.
Multifunction shock products restore the clarity of water quickly by effectively destroying swimmer waste and bacteria while simultaneously enhancing filtration, balancing pH and adding additional algae protection. Several shock products can cleanse your pool within a span of just 15 minutes post the treatment.

The tiny microscopic algae can cause the water filters to clog if left unattended for long. You can administer Algaecides in such cases for preventing algae from spreading in the pool.


The pool filter has a big role to play in removing dirt from the swimming den. Thus, it is imperative to clean out the pool filter on a regular basis if you wish for it to unleash its optimum potential. The process of backwashing can be followed in such cases for cleaning the filter by flowing water through it in the opposite direction.

As an alternative, you can opt for automatic pool vacuums and spend less time dealing with the cleaning chore. These vacuums come in suction-side, pressure-side and robotic variants to meet your specific requirements without going overboard with the budget. However, make sure to remove the automatic pool cleaner before you add chemicals or shock the pool since the chemical can damage the cleaner substantially.

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