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If you are new to enjoying cricket then you must get the correct equipment which will allow you to enjoy the game to its fullest. Employing the correct cricket bat can produce wonderful results. However, selecting good equipment will not automatically allow you to be an excellent player. But if you have efficient ones it will aid in enhancing the game and letting you display your skills. Read on to find out some things to consider when you are finding a cricket bat. 

Select the correct size

Cricket bats are available in different sizes. Some people feel like a big one will be better; however, this is not true. For smaller people, having a big bat will make it tough to play. 

The bat needs to correspond with your height. It is possible to find a height and size chart on the internet which can help you out. 

What kind of ball is being used

This sport can be played using various balls, i.e. leather, tennis, foam, and rubber. The kind of ball employed must be considered when buying the bat. If you decide to play using a tennis ball, the bat will not have to be thick and sturdy as the ball is light. 

When it comes to leather along with rubber balls, these are tougher and have more weight. You will need a bat like this for these so that similar pressure can be put on the ball. 

How heavy is the bat?

The weight of the bat is necessary and can impact the game. Those who are heavy tend to remain for more time and can affect the ball. But you need to know that the extra weight may allow it to be tough for you to use. If this is the case then do not choose this one as you will have limited control of it. You will not be able to swing this quick to be successful. 

Those bats which are not too heavy are simpler to control and need limited strength. The bat’s speed will be quicker even. The negative point with this is that they become useless soon. 

The factor which you need to consider is how much strength you have; this will make you select the one to get. 

Features of the handle

What kind of handle do you want? You need to answer this question if you wish to have a good grip. When there is no grip, the bat cannot be handled properly. Its handle must take in the impact coming from your ball so that this is not transferred to the hands. Mainly two kinds can be found, i.e. oval plus round. 

Oval ones claim to be sturdy and give much directional control. You may find it tough to grip. Round ones allow it to be simpler to use the bat with both hands. If you flick the wrists at the time of playing then this is the better option for you. 

It is not easy to get the best bat. Research on different businesses like Kookaburra Sport Pty Ltd to help you out. 

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