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Mobile Spy App

A spy app plays a significant role in remote controlling and monitoring a smartphone. Many parents and employers have been taking advantage of mobile spy app to keep the mobile devices of their kids and workers under supervision. This powerful technology enables parents to safeguard their children from the potential dangers of the online and offline world. The business persons can protect their business by keeping their workers from wrongdoings and unauthorized data transfers. The hidden tracker app remains undetected on the targeted phone and works without leaving any clue of spying. Read on to know how the hidden mobile phone monitoring app for android works and what are its uses.

How Hidden Mobile Spy App Works

To make use of the surveillance app you need to install it on the targeted device that can be of your kids or workers. There is a simple method to install the best spy app for android. After installation, the app syncs important data stored on the phone. This includes but not limited to photos, videos, messages, contacts, recorded calls, GPS location, and browsing history. The app uploads the entire data to the online portal from where the user can retrieve it anytime.

Uses of Hidden Android Tracker App

The app keeps the user informed of the target’s online and offline cell phone activities. Using the innovative surveillance app, you can sneak into any android smartphone and access important information stored on it. Also, you can operate that device remotely to make it perform some specific actions. Read on to know about core features of the app to know more about its uses.

Access Chats

The hidden monitoring app for android mobile phones acts as a cloud storage app and uploads all online and offline chats to a secure online portal. You can log into the web portal to read your target’s messages without him know.

Watch Out Social Media

The app lets you closely watch out the use of social media apps including the most popular Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. You can detect how your concerned person is using these socializing platforms by checking out his chats, posts, friend-lists and call logs.

Remote Control MIC

Parents can make use of the parental control software to keep tabs on the surroundings of their kids. You can listen to the sounds, voices and noises in the vicinity of the targeted android device by turning on the microphone. You can also record voices by sending remote commands for voice recording.

Remote Control Camera

If your kid has not arrived home on time you can turn on his phone camera to find out where is he.The parental control app lets you operate front and back cameras of your kid’s phone to keep an eye on his surroundings. You can take photos and record short videos by remote controlling your kid’s Android phone cameras.

Manage Mobile Apps

If you are worried about your kid’s use of age-inappropriate video streaming apps, gaming apps, dating apps and social media apps, the hidden mobile monitoring app lets you manage all apps installed on your kid’s device. You can block access to objectionable apps by blocking or uninstalling them remotely.

Find Whereabouts

The app keeps you updated about the whereabouts of your loved ones. You can find out where your kids andspouse are at the moment by knowing their current GPS location through the surveillance app.

Record Real-Time Phone Activities

The app lets you capture the phone screen of your concerned individual by sending remote command for screen recording or screenshots. It lets you know what your target is doing, watching, streaming or typing on his device.

There is more you can do using the hidden mobile spy app for android phones. It supports all mobile phones including Samsung, LG, Haier, HTC, Huawei and Sony running the latest versions of android OS. Click TheOneSpy review to know more about this high-tech mobile app for child monitoring and employee monitoring.

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