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he 72% of people suffer from a vision problem. Almost 45% suffer from presbyopia or tired eyesight. The view ages. The passage of time produces changes both in the external and internal part of the eye producing, among other things, the appearance of presbyopia, the result of a natural process.

Presbyopia is one of the first demonstrations that sight changes from 40-45 years. When you reach 40, the retina becomes more sensitive and the vision changes. Presbyopia is not a disease; it is a refractive error as a result of hardening of the lens. With the passage of time, this natural eye lens becomes less elastic and, as a consequence, its ability to focus on nearby objects decreases. The first symptoms of presbyopia appear around the age of 40 (problems to focus, alterations in near vision …) and tend to stabilize at 60, but overexposure of sight to digital screens it is causing the acceleration of the symptoms and even that its appearance is ahead. Although presbyopia cannot be “cured” (it is not a disease, but a natural process of attrition), its effects can be mitigated. For this, the use of progressive lenses is the most widespread solution.

Visual diseases associated with age

Our view changes with the passage of time. Not only presbyopia or tired eyesight is a direct consequence of the passage of time, with age, but the appearance of visual problems and diseases directly related to age is also frequent.

Glaucoma is a degenerative disease. The risk of developing this disease increases with each decade after reaching 40 years. The visual difficulties associated with glaucoma are irreversible and, therefore, it is essential to have annual visual revisions after 50 years of age. The glaucoma is a disease that affects one million people in Spain and more than half of them do not know

The Macular Degeneration (ARMD) is closely related to age. It is an eye disorder that slowly destroys central vision (affects the macula of the retina). It is the first cause of irreversible visual loss in the western world and affects approximately 30% of people older than 75 years.

The falls are a visual pathology associated with aging. It begins to manifest itself after 55 years and it is estimated that almost 3 out of every 4 people over 75 suffer from it.

Normal changes in vision as you get older

In addition to the eye diseases resulting from the passage of time, the eye and vision experience normal changes caused by the passage of time.

Loss of ability to focus: usually appears from 40-45 years and later for those who suffer myopia. The lens of the eye becomes increasingly dense and this can also affect the perception of colour.

Sensitivity to light: as the eye ages, the pupil becomes smaller and we need to have more light to see well. It also takes more time to adjust our eyes to changes in lighting.

Dry eye: inflammation of the outermost layer of the eye is common at any age. Overexposure of the eyes to digital screens and the passage of age make this problem more frequent.

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