Fri. Feb 2nd, 2024
Elona Metodiova, ADS

Marketing strategies have long become an integral part of the development of any business. Big and small company owners understood that a rightly implemented strategy could skyrocket any brand. 

But as we live in the Coronavirus era, things have gone differently. So what are the types of marketing that are most relevant in 2021? 

Best marketing practices:

  1. Content Marketing 

Actually, every single piece of information that surrounds you is content. So, the point of this approach is relatively undemanding at the first glance. You have to generate worthy data. The problem is how to produce something which will hold people’s attention, among the tones of similar blogs, videos, webinars, and podcasts? Creating authentic and engaging content is the right solution. Concerning that, competition on the market has grown abruptly, but quality content strategy is still one of the most productive at this time. 

2. Social Media Marketing

This form of marketing includes your product promotion, engaging influencers, and buzz marketing spread. As the quantity of social media users grows every day, people tend to trust influencers, who, in their turn, are potent voices on social platforms promotion. They create a so essential “hype” around the launching item, giving an extension to the word-of-mouth practice. If you want to make people talk about you – use Social Media marketing. 

3. Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is built around the idea of shifting from traditional B2C marketing to a more personalized and client-centered approach. As the name suggests, the conversation is happening between the brand and the customer. The company is not just pushing its products, on the contrary – the customer is asking questions and learning things about the products he has an interest in. Conversational marketing is usually facilitated through a live chat or a chatbot. With SendPulse, for example, it takes about an hour to design a chatbot for social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram or popular messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram. This Chatbot allows you to stay connected with your customers at all times and promote your brand in a friendly conversational manner. 

4. Search Engine Marketing 

Search Engine Marketing is something that will never get out of style. There are two types of it: search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The first one needs specifically adapted keywords, which help your data to be noticed by Google algorithms so that more potential clients can see your website. The second one is based on SEO and uses it as a space for advertisement. It appears as a pop-up, and sponsors pay every time when somebody clicks on the ad. Adaptation of this kind of marketing is a necessity for every business. 

5. E-commerce Marketing 

As pandemic became a rise for online store epoch, eCommerce marketing is a strategy that works out the problem of every website: how to encourage customers to buy on their first-time visit? It arranges the structure of the site to conduct the clients and persuade them to make a purchase, with the aid of an E-commerce website optimization service

6. Brand Marketing 

Customers prefer brands for two reasons: they always know what to expect from them and share the brand’s vision. And these merits are incredibly beneficial in the background of other companies. Branding requires utilizing advanced SEO services to show quality assurance and to share the company’s beliefs with clients. Brands are leaders of their branches, so you have to build a brand if you want to be among the best. 


Marketing business changes very fast, and you have to keep your hand on the pulse to achieve results. Using all of these types will help you adapt to the new marketing reality, drive top-of-funnel traffic, convert it to sales, and outstrip your opponents. 

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