Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Hospital Bed Air Mattress

Summary: Air pressure mattresses for hospital beds offer a multitude of advantages ranging from improving blood circulation, pressure relief, the convenience of use, and maintaining body temperature.

Hospital bed air mattresses are the perfect solution for patients, either elderly or injured, who are supposed to rest on the bed for long hours and are more likely to develop bedsores and irreversible skin ulcerations.

The air mattresses or alternating pressure mattresses are designed with cells aligned in a manner to let the air move between cells and improve circulation. And this is one of the few benefits of the air mattresses for hospital beds. Read along to know some more features and benefits of air mattresses for patients.

1. Better Blood Circulation
The skin, when under pressure for an extended period can become the victim of ulceration as the blood doesn’t reach there. But, as mentioned above, the air in the mattress overlays circulate from one cell to another, allowing a constant movement in various cells and skin.

2. Pressure Relief
By alternating the air pressure between multiple parts of the body, air pressure mattresses allow various pressure points of the body to relax by distributing pressure between various body parts. The shift of pressure between various pressure points ultimately allows the body parts to move and become less likely to develop bedsores.

3. Temperature Control
When the patient is confined to the bed for long hours, no amount of air conditioning can help in cooling down their body temperature. However, low air loss technology of the air pressure mattresses allow little air to leak and lets the patient feel as if she/he is suspended in the air. In this way, the patient’s body feels cool and refreshed all day long because no sweat build-up takes place.

4. Convenient for Homes and Hospitals
Air mattresses for hospital bed are cool, comforting, and lightweight, allowing you to install them at homes and in hospitals with ease without having to deal with the bulky foam alternatives.

5. Easy to clean and Maintain
Air mattresses are made up of waterproof and hypoallergenic material which not only resists all the bodily fluids and spills but also is repellent towards dust mites and germs. This is how you can ensure that the patient is safe from all the allergens and the further health hazard they can bring to the health of an already ill patient.

6. Functionality
A programmable air-controlled pump is often connected to the air pressure mattress, allowing you to program the air pressure at every part of the mattress according to the needs of the patients.

Low-pressure alarms are also in-built in some mattresses so that the patient can inform the caregivers in case the mattress pressure goes too low.

Plus, the material used in manufacturing the mattresses is fireproof so that whenever there is a hazardous condition, you can feel safe about the mattress as it won’t catch fire.

There you have it! The above article will tell you the reason why you should invest in a good quality hospital bed air mattress for home use such as improved blood circulation, ease-of-use, functionality, and the pressure relieving qualities which keep the mattress cool.

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