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The search for an affordable living space can be daunting and when you finally get it make sure how close you are to the absolutely enticing place to be at. Here are few to check out even as there is a great list of city attractions to explore in Newcastle.

Northern Stage Theatre

Students new to the city Newcastle will be staying close to enticing places to be at and one such is the Northern Stage theatre providing an altogether lively and enticing experience of being at a dynamic powerhouse of theatre and creativity located in the heart of student accommodation Newcastle. For students they can get theatrical experiences and make a visit at this place of a great change from weary study hours. The Northern Stage Theatre is also situated close to prominent student accommodation Newcastle and therefore venturing out to this theatre and not at all a problem.

Alphabetti Theatre

Yet another hidden gem of Newcastle is the Alphabetti which is an 80 venue theatre also holding a cafe, bar and secondhand bookshop within its entertainment complex. The organizers are into creating, and producing new original work across the performing arts including theatre, comedy,music and poetry. The best audience can watch it with a sip of their favorite cocktail and selection of bottles to accompany your evening’s entertainment. We’re currently only open when there is an event on so please do check out our website for full listings. This place is a welcome addition to Newcastle’s culture scene, deserving audience support to fund it as much as we can in order to make it a success.

Quay Ingredient

For those looking into spending some ME time or need a place to chill out with friends in the morning before college can come to Quay Ingredient. An enticing coffee house imbibed with a coziness that everyone deserves, especially students after spending hours digging inside books. This is a small and wonderful place having an excellent location, situated under the Tyne Bridge. This place clicks as there is a homemade flavour in the amazing cinnamon pancakes, which is served at an amazing sitting arrangement with quaint bar stools, plush leather sofa and framed pictures.

Jesmond Dene Park

When it comes to taking relaxing breaks, students can take lovely strolls amidst the scenery, and if you have a pet dog then you can take your dogs for walks. Students can explore the park for more special ME zones to get a little solace and much deserving peace after a hectic week of studies.


When it is getting weary cooped up in rooms, come out of your captivity and come to this place that caters for a large variety of food events. This establishment is meant for those you would like to experience a great night out at Longhorns known for its meat specialities with produce that is reared from their own farm. There are astonishing portion sizes served and you can also expect to have hearty breakfast as this place is also a drenching brunch spot for many.

Newcastle, therefore, offers many types of accommodations to fit a diverse range of budgets and personal preferences. Student accommodation Newcastle offers affordable and comfy living options with shared facilities that will help you make the most of your time in the city!

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