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Bar codes are a fundamental tool to improve all the processes in your company and avoid errors.

If we rely on its definition, the barcode is a combination of letters and numbers that allows a product, asset or person to be identified to perform certain actions or operations in specific processes.

The barcode reader will be in charge of decoding and transmitting the content of the code to a particular device such as a computer, a scale, a cell phone or a Tablet.

The benefits of using a barcode reader are:

  • Your customer will have better and faster service at the point of sale.
  • Greater stock control.
  • Possibility of carrying out a quick and dynamic inventory.
  • Reduce errors in manual product loading.
  • Easy connection via USB or Ethernet.
  • Lower costs in production processes
  • Greater security for your products or assets.
  • Visibility of each product.

The barcode printer in Mohali is a useful tool when it comes to optimizing the processes in your business, since it provides you with information in a faster and easier way, generating multiple benefits.

Below we will list 5 of the benefits that you can obtain thanks to the implementation of a barcode system.

The margin of error is very low

Manual typing errors disappear, obtaining more detailed and specific information about your products. As well as the reduction of printing costs, by avoiding printing labels for each of the products in your inventory.

Time reduction in placing products

Currently there are stores that continue to print labels that stick where the price is marked, in the long run this increases the time invested in inventory, which can be optimized in a better way.


The barcode contains 13 numeric digits that contain product information. These are divided as follows:

Country code : The first 2 or 3 digits denotes the nation the code was issued.

Company code: It consists of the following 4 to 7 digits. However, this will depend on the needs of each company. Identify the company that owns the brand.

Product key: 2 to 5 numbers that are given by the organization.

Verifier: Its purpose is to avoid errors when reading the code, whether due to printing defects or manual typing errors.


Bar codes are also used across borders, reducing the time a product passes through customs, as they streamline procedures by verifying that the product is registered with an association such as GS1India.


A barcode scanner in Mohali that adapts to your needs, can optimize your times when carrying out your inventory. Every time a product is sold, it will be deducted from your inventory to know the exact amount of product sold compared to the amount of stock you had. At the end of the day, with the help of a Point of Sale , you can obtain a report that helps you monitor your inventory and thus make your business purchases more accurately.

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