Thu. Feb 1st, 2024
Android Tracking Apps for Kids

Unfortunately, and for various reasons, the world is not as safe today as it used to be. This generates constant concern in parents, who, on the one hand, want to give their little one’s freedom and, on the other, always be informed about where they are, what they are doing, etc. Fortunately, technology can become a great ally in this dilemma. There is more than one child tracking app that uses Android location tracking to provide us with this data. For example, today we are going to talk about the parental control application FamiSafe.

As we said before, this is one of the many phone tracking applications that we can find available today. However, due to many of its specific characteristics, it is one of the favorites of most parents and guardians who pretend to be aware of the location of their children thanks to this GPS location tracker. In the following lines, we are going to show you how it works, and what its great advantages are.

A tracking app, the perfect solution for active children

Indeed, no one wants to clip the wings of their little ones. The premise will then be to stay informed about your exact location thanks to a telephone tracker like the one proposed by this application. But the data processing that such platforms can provide us is also important, to better understand everything:

  • Activity report: with FamiSafe you will be able to constantly monitor the activities that your children carry out throughout the day, including the apps they install even if they have deleted them, or how much time they spend in each one of them, to avoid situations of harassment and the rest.
  • App blocker: if you wish, you can block some of the applications that you consider to be inappropriate or dangerous for them. We talk about social networks, adult pages, etc.
  • Set Screen Times: This free cell tracker also invites you to set smart times in particular locations. This will help you control how much time your little ones spend in front of the screen, to avoid overexposure to technological devices, and to better balance their routines.
  • Alerts for parents: you will also have the possibility to monitor the messages that the minor writes or receives. Both in social networks and in instant messaging apps. You can create a list of words that you consider offensive. You will receive alerts every time one of them appears on the children’s terminals.
  • Private and secure information: another reason to consider this as the best application to track phones, is that all the information and data of the family remain well stored, away from the eyes of others. This, thanks to the use of the RSA cryptosystem, one of the most reliable in the world.

Real-time tracking, the most important thing

However, if there is a tool that we must require from any tracking app to monitor our children that is real-time monitoring through a phone locator that they have incorporated.

Ultimately, it is essential to be able to see where our children are at all times.

If we talk about FamiSafe, the steps to follow to enjoy this function are the following:

  • Download and install the Fame Safe tracking app on your mobile and your child’s
  • From your device, register a new FamiSafe family account with you as a parent
  • From your little one, access the same family account as a child, entering name and age
  • Next, grant it the permissions that you consider appropriate, and that you can modify later
  • Allows the app to access the location of the terminal
  • Go back to your phone and sync both devices to start controlling yours remotely
  • As you can see, it is extremely easy to take advantage of the benefits of this Android phone tracker.

How much does it cost to enjoy this tranquility?

But, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why FamiSafe is an excellent alternative in its field is that its price is really low for the peace of mind it offers to all those who start using it daily.


Based on all that has been said so far, and from the customs and family activities that you know better than anyone, we are convinced that a phone tracker application can be of enormous help to most parents. For a very low figure, you get detailed information about the position of minors, with real-time monitoring, and additional features that take our eyes with them wherever they go.


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