Fri. May 10th, 2024
Nose Pin

Pieces of jewelry are an important part of accessorizing and it also adds individuality to a person. One of the most common piercings that we see are nose piercings and they look beautiful. These days people get nose piercings irrespective of their gender. They can add a different look to their piercings by choosing jewellery that goes with their style. We thought that it would be ideal for us to mention some of the styles that are usually found in the market. So, let us begin with it.

Common Nose Pin designs available in the market:

  • Simple stud: This is one of the most common designs that you will find. These nose studs are always a classic piece of jewelry that you can wear. It looks simple on the nose but it does add a different point of attraction on your nose. A simple nose stud made of silver or gold looks good. One can definitely choose the size of the stud, but it is best to go for a small one.
  • Stud with a stone: Another common type of nose pin that you will usually see on people is the stud that comes with a gem or stone. A pearl nose ring or a diamond nose pin are common examples of this. If you are looking for a stud with a gem, then you can even choose your birthstone to be on it. You can also go for a simple gem which will reflect a lot of light and make your face glow.
  • Simple hoop: This is yet another common type of nose pin that is especially seen in people who have just had their nostrils pierced. They are quite classic, especially if it is a simple golden hoop without any extra decorations. You can also get a complete hoop with a small gem and it would also look good.
  • Flower-shaped studs: If you see Indian women, then you will notice that the flower design is quite prevalent in their jewelry. So, it is obvious that it will be prevalent in case of nose pins. The studs can have a simple flower design or they may even have small stones studded on them. The sizes of the studs also vary according to the design one is going for.
  • Classic Indian designs: We have to admit that traditional Indian nose pins look beautiful and have designs which stand out a lot. If you go to shops selling jewelry, then you will see that they will contain the usual designs that are worn by Indian women and they vary according to the region you are visiting.

Where can you get a nose pin?

People often trusted brick and mortar stores when it comes to buying precious nose pins. Technology has enhanced a lot and this has enabled online shops to sell these items. You can check the gold nose pin price online and buy one from a reputed brand or shop which you can trust.

We hope that you get nose jewelry that you like. You can choose from one of the designs that we have mentioned. We are sure that it will look good on you. Just buy it from a reliable source and read the reviews before you buy it.

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