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Creative Decor Ideas

Flowers are instant charmers! There is something so whimsical about them that everyone is delighted to receive a bunch. But alas! All pretty things come to an end! Flowers have a shorter life span, but if treated creatively, one can cherish them for a tad bit longer. Fresh flowers obviously steal the show and dried preserved flowers are no less. Dried flowers carry a boho cum vintage vibe. You can flaunt them fancy by utilising them in a very economically convenient way. They can be used to enhance your home’s decor and with the festive season around the corner, you can get crafty. So get set to enjoy your flowers all year round. By the end of this article, you will have an array of interesting projects using dried blossoms to try your hands on; that will make you a ‘DIY Home Decor Expert’!

But first, let’s have a look at the three techniques used to dry flowers-

  • Air Drying
  • Microwaving
  • Pressing

(The drying method you choose will depend on the flower type.) Okay then, gather all your favourite bouquets and greenery to give them a crafty spin!

Make your very own customised Potpourri

Fragrant flowers like roses for instance, when mixed with some soothing herbs and essential oils, make for a great Potpourri. They act as amazingly pleasing aromatherapy, leaving you with calming feels! They can be customised as per preferences and one can play along with their personalised mix. Commonly used elements for potpourri flowers include cinnamon sticks, citrus fruit slices, various herbs and essential oils. It is a great giveaway gifting option as well. Who knew gifting would turn so hassle-free!

Incorporate dry flowers on your gift wraps and greeting cards for a personalised touch

Make your giveaways stand out by incorporating dried flowers on bows of your gifts or gluing them on your greetings. This provides a distinctive natural design adding more value to them. I call it – Recycling at its finest!

Giving an artistic look to your plain Holiday candles

Enhance your simple plain candles by wrapping them with pressed flowers around them. You can also make a cute little bundle of your favourite dried blooms and tie the bunch to your candles using a jute string for a more 3D decor. It acts as a fine accessory in your living area.

Dried Flower bouquet arrangements

Buy dried flowers in bulk have them organized in a bunch or arrange them in vases for inexpensive decor. You can mist them with a light layer of acrylic spray for longer life. Dried flowers also make great table runners and centrepieces during Special occasions. Yet again, reusing things allows less wastage and additionally generating affordable decor.

Renovating Walls

This idea is another take on ‘Best-out-of-waste’ series. Dried or pressed flowers can be used to decorate blank walls throwing massive elegant vibes. They can either be stuck on the walls directly in a particular desired arrangement or can be hung across a lengthy branch to create a falling effect. One can also create a thematic wall and keep changing the pattern with time. Either way, its way better than painting your walls or covering it with flat wallpapers. Plus, the residual fragrance lingers the entire room all the time. So it’s a win-win situation. Go ahead and keep the room fresheners away for a while!

DIY dried flower door wreath

If one has a delicate hand and the creative techniques to make a wreath from scratch, then raise your hands up! Dried flowers can be used to create beautiful door wreaths. To make a base for the flowers to be arranged, create a circular shaped 3D base using flexible branches and carefully assemble dried flowers over them. You can spray them with fragrant mist for extra finishing. With them hung up, give a warm welcome to everyone coming to your house.

Ahh! So many DIY projects to try out and experiment with your dried flowers. Beautiful in bloom, your flowers can still run their charms when dried out. An important tip to remember though – Keep these flowers in a cool and shady place away from sunlight to help maintain their colour and lifeline. Don’t wait to give your half-dead flowers a ‘Beautiful-ever-after’ makeover and allow your home to take on new attire for the festive season. All these techniques and ideas are natural. They are less fussy but enough to keep you busy creating personalised art for your house. Revamping traditional decor into something fun and turning something old into a brand new masterpiece definitely talks out the Holiday spirit!

So, try out the listed DIY home decor ideas to enchant people visiting you, compelling them to compliment your artistic vibe.

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