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Why ReactJS is ideal for app development in 2019

ReactJS is the most widely used JavaScript library, that is utilized to develop mobile apps, single page websites, and web apps. These days, ReactJS is considered as the favorite and the first choice for the mobile app development company.

As per the survey conducted in the year 2018, ReactJS has been the most sought UI frameworks. The framework developed by Facebook is widely used by Fiverr, Instagram, PayTM, Netflix, and many other top-notch giants. Here in this blog let’s go through the in-depth details of ReactJS and why is has it become the most popular framework in the year 2019.

So, what is this ReactJS?

ReactJS is the JavaScript framework, launched by social-media ruler, Facebook. The purpose to develop this framework was to develop rich and engaging web- apps that can spurt effectively with basic codes. ReactJS focuses on the individual components, hence the newly developed web pages can render fast. It is so flexible that it covers the large number of the used test cases. In simple, the codes can be reused again, which allows the swift execution of the scheme (project). It is due to this reason that ReactJS is much in the spotlight.

ReactJS has got one interesting component. It maintains a structure cache, hence any changes that is being changed here is stored. Once the change has been made, the related components would be updated, not an entire page. Therefore, it saves the lot of time. Don’t you find it interesting and helpful?

Does ReactJS makes it really easy to handle all the projects?

These days, companies are biased towards ReactJS, because it diffuses the complicated and difficult components, making it possible to accomplish the project faster by developing the reusable code. The traditional framework of JS (AngularJS or EmberJS) requires a numerous codes to develop component or module. ReactJS does not need any additional re-work or effort. Hence, it has become the favorite counter for the companies, because it offers robust and flexible modules in a faster way. Thereby, ensuring to load in different browsers that will take less time to load.

Advantages of using ReactJS for your projects

Let’s go through some detailed outlines as to why to select ReactJS to develop the single page applications:-

  • JSX makes the component writing easy

Even though to adopt this extension would be completely optional, the component writing is much easier. When building the custom components, JSX accepts the HTML quotes, which easily can modify HTML mock-ups to ReactJS components.

  • Assets can be re-used again which boost the productivity

As mentioned above, The aspect “ Reusability” is the important fuel for the development process that saves a lot of re-work. The basic benefit of ReactJS is that, it has got simple components like checkboxes, buttons or even a complex system component that can be reused. So, it will increase the outcome as there won’t be any interference of one’s function over the other which will increase the productivity.

  • Fast rendering

When building the complex apps, it is very important to evaluate the structure because it will influence the performance of the app, when rendered online. ReactJS has got a Virtual DOM, which makes the heavy app to load faster.

  • Code always remains stable

Only the data flow that is downward is used in ReactJS. Even a minute change in the child element will not affect the parents. The particular component is only updated after the developer modifies the state or changes the objects, etc.

  • Tool set that make the work much easier

ReactJS comes with debugging tools and few designs that can be used in Firefox and Chrome which is in the mode of browser extensions. These tools let you discover about the child and parent components, and evaluate their properties and state.

  • Adapting to the first approach of mobile phones

ReactJS follows the same motif in both the web and mobile development. With the help of ReactJS, you can easily build rich web and mobile apps that are responsive and offers cross-browser compatibility.

  • Development of Isomorphic apps

This is yet the other added advantage that you can draw with the ReactJS. You can create isomorphic apps. The benefits is, that it allows to use the similar codes for both the clients and server-sided components.

  • Third-party plugin

ReactJS has got a third-party plugin compatibility support. These plugins simplify the building process. CentOS, Magneto, JBoss, Chef provides extensive support to ReactJS.

  • ReactJS is SEO friendly

The developers have often complained that JavaScript frameworks are not SEO friendly. With the introduction of ReactJS this problem has been overcome, as now they can develop an engaging app that can be easily navigated on the different search engines.

  • Assistance of JavaScript libraries

The app developers are using ReactJS because it offers JavaScript libraries which is rich. It provides the flexibility to the developers to choose and work on, the way they (developers) want. Even though Facebook has set certain standards to use ReactJS, but is not rigid. They can employ their own templates or patterns, etc. when developing the app.

  • Escalation in the community-base

With the boom in the technology, ReactJS’s community base is escalating rapidly and this allows the developers who are new to search the library. They don’t need to develop the community base of their own. For example, if you are in search of NPM, then you can find variant packages to perform the task with ReactJS. Adding on, you can also get extended support from the Facebook if you have got any difficulty.

  • Scope for testing and coding

ReactJS offers the pool to you, to test and debug your codes using native tools.

Why to hire ReactJS developers from India?

Because now may leading organization are well-aware that offshoring the app front-end developers from India are cost-effective. Hence, the developers from India would be proficient because they would have already dealt with multiple projects and they would be royal-in-lineage with the most recent tools and updates, which can further only add spark to your project.

Final Note

It won’t be considered as an overstatement if we acknowledge ReactJS as the future of JavaScript. With the recent advancement, ReactJS has become the best companion for every company because it is feature-rich and flexible. Adding to this, virtual DOM integrates the task. You can build the apps that are in large-scale with the data that is frequently changed.

ReactJS developers are very much in increase of demands and it will only continue to grow the demand further. Hence, it is an ideal approach to hire a developer, who are well-established and who has got the proper knowledge to work in this front-end technology.

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