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When we talk about a modern kitchen, it means the integration of look along with easy to use and clean hence we have come up with a few unique tips that will help you with your kitchen design goals.

  1. Do Not Lose the Kitchen’s Original Glam Just for the Sake of a Makeover:

There are many homes that are passed down for generations hence such homes are heritage which should not be completely changed just for the sake of modernization. Maintain the original charm of the house while making things functional in the kitchen should be your remodelling goal.

  1. Stick to a Basic Color Palette for a Timeless Look:

The makeover you give should be timeless hence choose basic colors such as cream, white or pastel as they do not go out of the trend. Also, such light colors make the space look bright and spacious.

  1. A Color Pop Will Break the Monotonous Look:

While sticking to a basic color palette is great but it will make your kitchen look monotonous and boring, hence add vibrant colors to the mix by painting a contrasting color on one wall to make the entire kitchen look interesting and livelier.

  1. Use a Mix of Geometric Tiles:

The addition of geometric patterns is in trend hence use geometric tiles across the kitchen walls to make it look interesting. You can mix and match different tiles to make the pattern complex and enticing to look at.

  1. Use Modern Kitchen Designs for Easy Clean-Up:

While you can opt for many kitchen wall design options but keep it practical. Kitchen walls are prone to spills, hence use a material that is easy to clean and does not leave stains.

  1. Design Small Spaces Intelligently:

Designing kitchen cabinets can be tricky as kitchen space is usually limited and you need to utilize the space to store all the kitchen supplies hence plan all the counter and cabinet placing smartly and practically. Make sure to design it based on your cooking style and requirements.

  1. Integrate Dining Area with Kitchen to Bring the Family Together:

Having a separate kitchen and dining area is just outdated as the modern home design calls for an open kitchen space hence instead of keeping it as a separate room, open up your kitchen to merge it with the dining space so it brings together the entire family.

  1. Blend in Your Personal Style:

Sit and plan how you need to use your kitchen as every person has different needs based on their cooking style. You need to add some elements based on your own style, so the kitchen space reflects your personality. Also, customize the space in such a way that it is a really functional space for you to cook at ease.

  1. Choose the Right Appliances:

Instead of thinking too much of the latest appliances’ technology, focus on the fact that how difficult is the cleaning process. Always choose such colors and finish easy to clean as for anything to get messy in the kitchen is quite easy.

Also, just to help our planet and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, use appliances that have a high star rating as their energy consumption will be lesser. Also, opt for environment-friendly options like using a pellet stove that uses træpiller 8mm (wood pellets) instead of using an oil stove which causes the emission of greenhouse gases at a higher rate. Make your kitchen environmental-friendly.

  1. Get Inspiration from Nature:

Open up the kitchen to nature by adding a backdoor or windows that allow an ample amount of natural light. Place a few pots and flowers to add a green element to the kitchen space.

In the end, do not get too flown away by images on Pinterest or Instagram, instead, think about creating a kitchen that falls within your budget and is functional keeping your cooking style in mind.

By Pooja

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