Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Most Popular NBN Plans

Thanks to the Internet, there are dozens of websites and apps that can help you save more money. From online ways to save money on parking to options for knocking money off the cost of your groceries or hotel, the Internet is making the real-world much more affordable for many consumers. That being said, have you ever wondered how to save money on your Internet service itself? Even though the National Broadcast Network initiative in Australia has been mandated, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice about who you want to receive Internet service from. When you’re looking to find the best NBN provider in Australia, here are five of the most popular NBN plans to compare.


If you don’t yet have NBN and are still running ADSL, Dodo can be a great Internet service provider for you. When you set up ADSL with Dodo, they’ll automatically switch you to NBN when it becomes available in your area. Beyond that peace of mind, Dodo also offers incredible flexibility when it comes to set-up costs if you choose a twelve-month plan. If you’d rather stay more in control of your ISP, you can also sign on to a monthly contract.

Harbour ISP

Harbour ISP has multiple options for residential and commercial properties, making them a great option for many. Owned completely by Australians, Harbour ISP works with some of the latest technology to ensure that they deliver a cutting edge product and cutting edge prices. They also don’t lock you into any contract, so you’re free to switch providers if you have an issue.


One of iPrimus’ most interesting selling points is the ability to pause the Internet. By pausing, you put your service on a brief hold so that you can focus on what’s going on in the real world. Of course, when your Internet isn’t paused, you can expect customer-centric features like high speeds and data boosts when data is running low. iPrimus even lets customers select their own sign-up bonus so that the perk of signing on is truly useful.


MyRepublic offers a variety of high-speed unlimited plans that are perfect for heavy streamers and online gamers. MyRepublic has the data to back up these claims, too, since the 2019 Broadband Performance Data Report found that their download speeds were the best during peak hours against a field of competitors. MyRepublic also carefully pairs price with speed so that you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for the Internet service you need to live, work, and entertain.


Optus is another high-performer in the 2019 Broadband Performance Data Report, offering excellent download speeds even during peak hours. Optus’ NBN plans have typical peak evening speeds of about 40mbps, meaning that whether you’re planning on streaming a movie with friends or uploading photos to social media, you’ll have a great experience on Optus. They also offer entertainment extras like Fetch and Optus Sport so you can really get the most from your service.

If you’re interested in getting a great deal on your NBN plan, you can find the best NBN plans for you with iSelect. iSelect offers you the ability to search for a variety of NBN providers based on your location and needs. This means that if you’re only interested in a premium evening plan, you don’t have to read through information about other plans that are too limited to meet your needs.

Beyond custom tailoring your results to your specific wants, you’ll also find that comparing NBN providers side by side can be a much more efficient way to analyze how price and speed are connected. This can help you better understand how much value each broadband Internet provider is offering. In turn, you can make a more educated decision as a consumer and save more money.

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