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best true wireless earbuds

Truly wireless stereo is the most innovative thing in audio technology. The name itself is evident of the amount of wireless freedom it is going to offer. The complete freedom from cords and wires is a thing dreamt by users for long. Now, it is finally available and with improved sound quality. These tiny gadgets are cute-looking, and the first look leaves the user absolutely star struck. Using the truly wireless stereo is like bidding bye to the tangles of headphones and inconveniences and welcoming freedom and entertainment as you work or travel.

The technology

The basis of this path-breaking technology is the power of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth employs the same technology as a signal. With the help of truly wireless stereo you can sync two separate audio devices with the smart phone using the Bluetooth. This means that you can use the right and left channels of the best true wireless earbuds separately. Sometimes the two buds might have to be adjusted slightly for best quality reception. If used properly this technology can actually help you hugely.

The wireless earbuds offer the best quality sound because of the Bluetooth technology and also some companies efficiently combine echo reduction and noise isolation for many of the models. This makes the sound quality improved. You will also find noise cancellation features in some models which means you get only the sound from your smart phone minus all other sounds. It is also important to pair it with the right kind of smart phone for all the features to be fully functional. Compatibility improves the service for sure.

If you are worried whether Bluetooth headphones is safe for use, then be rest assured. The frequencies at which the wireless service works is extremely low and do not pose any dangers to people.

Battery life

The battery-life of the wireless earbuds has improved a lot since the time they were first invented. In any wireless gadget the battery is the weakest link but it with the truly wireless stereo this has been improved. Not just the use but the main part of the battery is consumed in maintaining the connectivity between your smartphone and the earbuds. The longest that the battery life of your truly wireless stereo cannot is about 8 hours,but it can also be as less as 5 or even 3 hours depending on the make of the earbud. The truly wireless stereo according to earphones review comes with very cute looking charging cases where both the pieces can be charged at the same time. These cases also allow the earbuds to be charged on the go while you are travelling for commuting.

Sweat resistant

While using truly wireless stereo one of the main concerns is the sweat. They are manufactured in such a way that they are sweat resistant and completely usable for exercise to a particular degree. So, you can walk around the gym unrestricted giving a great first impression and depending on the model even go for a swim while listening to music.

Video maker Mr. Govind offers a great review of the truly wireless stereo along with comparison which is very useful for the buyer.

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