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    Field service providing firms operates with the help of a number of field technicians and it becomes a difficult task to manage all those field workers and handle all the other tasks simultaneously. There are a number of tasks which are to be performed by the businessman such as receiving and responding to the customer’s service request, preparing and sending the work estimates to the customers, receiving approvals from them and then creating & scheduling the work orders to the field technicians and a lot of other tasks related to the field service management. This is the scenario, where the need for a field service management tool arises. There is a lot of field service management software available in the market, but Field Promax is top field service software among them. In this article, we are going to discuss every major detail about the Field Promax, so that you can identify how much this amazing tool is capable of. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

    What is field Promax?

    Field Promax is basically a cloud-based field service management tool that supports almost any kind of field service agency such as those providing plumbing services, electric services, HVAC, lawn caring and landscaping services, etc. You just name any of the field services and the chances are that the Field Promax will get you covered. One of the greatest advantages of Field Promax is that it is easy to use and even a person who is not tech-savvy can indulge himself in the appropriate usage of this amazing tool. The main idea behind the field Promax is that any of the field service management solutions should be easy to operate and it should save time and energy of the businessman so that he can devote that precious time and energy of himself in planning the growth of his business and other more productive tasks rather than managing the recurring tasks. Field Promax offers a wide range of features to its customers and also keeps on adding the new features in order to enrich the experience of the users in attaining all their goals which they are determined to achieve. In the coming section, we will be discussing the main features which are offered by the Field Promax.

    Main features of the field Promax

    The following are some of the amazing features which are provided by the Field Promax. These are:

    • Activity tracking: Field Promax allows the businessman to track the activities of their field technician so that he can assign the work orders accordingly and according to the availability of the field technicians.
    • Work order management: With the help of the field Promax service management tool, the businessman can handle and modify the sequence of the work orders which are to be performed by the field technicians.
    • Task scheduling: All the tasks which are to be performed by the businessman on a particular day are scheduled by him in order to achieve the daily targets without any hassle.
    • Estimating: When a service request is received by the businessman, then a work estimate is prepared by him and sent to the customer. This is all done with the help of the Field Promax tool.
    • Billing and invoicing: Field Promax makes the task of billing and invoicing much easier and convenient as it allows the businessman to monitor and approve the billing by sitting at his office and without visiting the field himself.

    Apart from these, there are many other features which are offered by the Field Promax such as Timesheet management, QuickBooks integration, Real-time reporting, Quotes management, mapping feature, Mobile signature capture, CRM services, etc. which actually makes the task of field service management much easier than the conventional method.

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