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All You Need to Know About UC MiniUC Browser Mini - Smooth New And Old Versions Free Download

UC Browser is the fastest mobile browser that comes with advanced features. It is designed to make browsing experience of people memorable. However, not all devices support UC browser and hence to make its way to all mobile phones the UC Mini browser has been designed. This is the mini version of the UC browser that comes with powerful packages and features to support all devices, regardless of its operating system and compact size. It offers quick speed downloading and uploading o pages and has many advanced features to make browsing a remarkable experience for all. It is not different from the premier version of the UC Browser, but offers many ways to optimize the browsing experience. Since it is the small size browser, it can be downloaded in devices with less RAM and memory capacity. But it offers the same fastest experience while browsing apps.

What are the Features Integrated in UC Mini?

There are many great features which are included in the UC Mini browser and some of the features are mentioned below.

The latest version of the mini browser comes with the unique and fresh look. It is quite alluring and the user interface is quite intuitive. The navigation across the application is also very easy and simple.

The mini browser comes with address and search bar separately. You simply need to put the address of the website you want to visit or you may search the website using the keywords in the search bar. This makes browsing easier and faster for the users

UC Browser usually comes with premade speed dials and UC Mini is not an exception as it comes with the speed dials too. You simply need to open the browser and with the speed dial feature you will get access to the pages which you last browsed the most. This is like an suggestion which you may or may not use. There is also the possibility to add and remove the speed dials as per your need. You simply need to tap on the Menu button and select the Add Bookmark and tap on Speed Dial and you have added it to the speed dial page.

How to Get UC Mini on Your Android Phone?

The process for downloading UC Mini is very simple and easy and it is legally available on the Google Play Store. You are simply required to login with your Google ID to the play store and search for the MIN Browser by typing the name on search bar manually. From the list you are required to tap on the icon of the mini browser and then the downloading process would start automatically. Now you need to wait the application is downloaded and installed on the Android device.

Once the installation is over, you will see the shortcut icon of the application created on the home page of the device. You need to tap on the icon to launch the application and start using it for excellent browsing experience.

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