Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
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In today’s day and age, Android apps that boost productivity are our saviours. We always have so much to do in so little time. Be it work or kids or running errands, the pressure just keeps building on throughout the day.  We often feel bogged down with so much expected from us at every moment. The Android apps that boost productivity help in keeping our lives smooth and in maintaining our sanity. They give us all the information that we need and also let us connect with others whenever we want.  Work and personal life, both become much easier with these productivity apps around.

So, out of all the options available today, here is our list of the top 5 Android apps that boost productivity!

1. is easily one of the best task management Android apps out there. The best part about is that every morning (you can set any other time if you want), it gives you a list of the things that you would have to do throughout the day and you can either choose to do those tasks that very day or can defer them for later. Since you get to know about the to-do list very early in the morning, it enables you to prepare better for the day and also helps you to manage your time better. is known for its classy design and it can also do language processing task. It has a free service which has certain limitations, and a premium plan that has many added perks.

2. Dropbox

A dependable file-synching app is much needed on a smartphone. Dropbox is one such backup app which gives you access to your documents from anywhere. There are times when you have to show some important paperwork urgently and you have no time to wait. With the Dropbox app, you can get any paperwork within seconds. It also has an option to save documents offline, which means that you can access your files even without an internet connection. Dropbox also backs up the photos and videos on your phone automatically. This is essential as with smartphones, we keep taking photographs all the time and there is no other way to back those pictures up. The Dropbox interface is simple, which makes it extremely easy to manage all those photos and other files as well. You can also share these documents on various online platforms with Dropbox.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive makes managing files and documents easier than ever before. It is truly one of the best productivity apps which provides a galore of options to choose from and keeps you all sorted even when you are out and about. The Google Drive app is a lot similar to its web version in many ways. The app, however, has added options to upload files and create more spreadsheets. With Google Drive, you can also easily connect with your friends and family and ask them to collaborate on a particular folder. For all of these benefits and more, Google Drive is definitely a must-have Android app for anyone.

4. Evernote

Evernote is easily the best note-taking app available at present. It is a free Android app which allows you to capture any kind of note, be it a text note or a voice memo. For instance, you can take pictures of the page of a book that has both photos and text and Evernote will immediately save them as well as make the text searchable with the OCR technology. It’s a technology which works for both handwritten and typed notes. Evernote is an essential app for all the writers and scribblers out there and makes their lives much easier. It can also be accessed across all platforms, be it MAC, iOS device or Windows PC. Over the years, Evernote has grown as a top productivity app which gives users scope for group research and further collaborations.

5. Pocket

Pocket is basically an Android app with which one can bookmark all those webpages one wants to read later. While you are browsing online, you come across a number of pages which provide useful information, but you do not always have the time to go through them all. In such cases, what you can do is to click a Pocket button on your device and that will make sure that the article is saved for you to read later. You can later go through your Pocket list to find those saved articles and you can read them at leisure, taking your own sweet time. Besides Android, you can get Pocket on iOS and Mac as well.

Conclusion With the kind of busy lives we are leading today, we definitely need things which can help us on-the-go. All the aforementioned productivity apps can help us to stay productive even when we are out on the road and do not have access to our computers. From taking notes to saving our files, these apps have turned our mobile phones into a multi-tasking device and thereby has made our lives much easier

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