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Do you want to write your first eBook? Are you afraid of the initial process and need the right kind of advice? There are a lot of people who feel the same way when they write their first eBooks as well. The procedure from conception to holding a final product (whether literally or figuratively) is very demanding yet rewarding. So, what can you do to become the writer of a full-fledged eBook? If you have thought about writing and publishing something for years yet never got round to it, then this article will guide on how everything needs to go. It is expected that you put off this task unless you absolutely have to do it, but writing your first book should be fun and not stress-inducing. Therefore, there are so many steps you can take to ensure this.

We have come far in the ways of tech when compared to the times of the first-ever digital book. Today, we have creative tools and awesome eBook software that help us in the quest to come up with a finished copy. Where big publishing houses are no longer bringing in the numbers and self-publishing is being preferred, you can directly sell your eBook on any kind of marketplace without having to worry about the middle man. Here is everything you need to know about the process, from start to finish. 


The eBook is the short form of “electronic book”, also known as a digital book. This reading material can be found on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones or on your laptops and PCs. The format of the text is a long-form book and they are read in the same manner. They comprise hundreds of pages just like a real book for people to navigate through and can come in EPUB, Mobi, or PDF formats. EBooks can be transferred and sent from one device to another with ease and are booming in the marketplace. 

What Tools Do You Need To Write An EBook?

You will need a smart device with some sort of word processor. Besides this, the means to create or purchase a cover design. This will be followed by some sort of formatting software to ensure that your eBook is properly structured. 

How Long Should Your EBook Be?

Even though there is no set standard for how long your eBook should be, you will have to justify the content you are putting out. This means that a few hundred pages are needed if you are writing fiction or business books and around fifty pages for self-help books. 


There are a few basic tips one must always keep in mind when they begin to write their eBook: 

Coming Up With An Idea

Ultimately, this might be a very difficult task to get done. This is why it is advised to always get a head start on this and then start the other aspects of the writing procedure. The main way to accomplish this is to have a proper sit-down and develop a concept in your mind. You can then proceed to write some brief sentences to establish the themes and tone of the book. The buildup of this will inevitably lead to a loose outline, which is what you will base your book on. 

The tricky part is that these ideas will differ from the kind of book you are planning to write. So, when it comes to fiction you will have to spend more time and energy coming up with world-building ideas and establishing the narrative. On the contrary, if you are writing something more technical, you will have to engage in a lot of research. Therefore, choose this wisely and then start your work. 

Formatting And Design

Once you have the details of the book set in your brain, the next step is to understand how your eBook will be formatted. Turning words into an actual book means choosing the right fonts, stylistics, copyright pages, and the entire layout as well. It does not require a lot of skill but you do have to be vigilant so that no mistakes are made before publishing. 

Examining Other EBooks

This is a trick that most will not care to take advantage of. When you go out of your way to thoroughly assess and fully examine what kinds of digital books other people have published in the relevant genre, you will get a better idea of what is right and wrong. It is definitely worth considering what other people have as a quality that readers may find attractive. This will not only make the writing process easy but also help your final edits. 

Following A Pattern 

Although all writers have their own ways of going about their craft, there is a simple and easy pattern you can follow to ensure that everything runs smoothly:

  • Adding a quotation at the start of the book to fully engage the reader
  • Give examples from real life to create an atmosphere of relevance
  • For nonfiction books, you can add practical measures and exercises for the reader’s benefit 
  • Sticking to the concept of a world and its limitations when it comes to fiction
  • Not straying to a different and tangential topic


By the end of it, you are most likely done with the book and do not want to rehash everything again. But it is important to proofread whatever you are going to put out as the end is near for your eBook to be published. Therefore, you need to sit back and have a laser focus on each sentence and the word you have written to properly assess the quality of your work. You can begin in reverse order to really recharge your brain so that every aspect of the book is being scrutinized and altered if needed. 

Publishing The EBook

Not all experiences of writers are the same. So, while publishing your digital book may seem like an easy task, it is in fact not that simple. You have to export the final manuscript and then look through it one last time before it goes out into the world. Even then you may come across certain errors which is why final edits are required.


At the end of it, no one can tell you exactly how to write your eBook. But some helpful tips will always lead you down the right path. This means that no matter what kind of process you follow, be sure to take the given advice and then implement it in your style of work accordingly. 

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