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JBL headphones

Be it surviving through the chaos of public transports, working on academic projects late at night or going on with the monotonous assignments at work – life would be awful without headphones or earphones on!  If you are more into quality music and less into technology, let us tell you, you need not settle with just any headphone for your next buy, as you still deserve the best music experience.  We at Bajaj Finserv, are all set to run you through the ABCDs of the bestselling headphones– decoding the nitty-gritty of its various trends.

Types Of Headphones and Earphones

Talking about the types, headphones can be categorized broadly under two heads, namely –

  1. Ear-Bud or, In-Ear
  2. On-Ear

Each of the types has both wired and wireless models, wombed by n-number of different brands.

What is an Ear-Bud or, In-Ear Headphone?

As the name ‘In-Ear’ suggests, these headphones consist of tiny earpieces which rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the ear canal, and some models, specifically sport buds, include wings or fins to ensure a more tailored, secure fit. The earbud-style headphones are available in disposable models like the ones provided on a plane, the ones that come with your smartphone to high-performance buds that offer sonics rivaling full-size models.

Bajaj Finserv EMI store has stocked up the best ofJBL Bluetooth In-Ear headphones, bestsellers in today’s date as they come with an array of striking features at decent pricing, to make sure you bag the best.

Let’s run a quick glance of what’s in store for you only at Bajaj Finserv EMI Store

JBL – Endurance Dive Bluetooth In-ear Wireless Laptop,Audio Player ·         Deep bass

·         Water resistant

·         Speed charge battery

·         Black

·         Blue

·         Teal

·         Yellow

·         Red

5,799 INR

Don’t miss out on the chance to grab your favorite color before it’s gone! Own these JBL headphones now!

What is an Earpad or, On-Ear headphone?

Doing justice to its name, this type of headphone sits on top of your outer ears and runs the range from inexpensive portables to high-end home models. Though mostly on-ear headphones sport closed designs covering the ears, there are some exceptions that fully seal circumaural models which result in increased sound isolation and avoid leaking sound to neighbors.

What All To Check In A Jiffy Before You Bring Home Your Dream Headphones? – Let’s Find Out!

Now that you are just about to get your hands on the headphone of your choice, make sure you pay major attention to the following factors at play!

  1. Comfort should be of prime concern as you will hardly be able to enjoy the music if the headphone makes you feel uncomfortable. If there’s a space crunch because of your small wallet or less pocket space go for the wireless earbuds, if you have long hair or a number of ear-piercing, opt for the behind-the-neck ones to keep uneasiness at bay.
  2. Battery Life is another important factor as you won’t want your headphone to stop working because of dead battery every few hours.
  3. Wider Frequency Rangesignifies better sound quality. Depending on the budget, a frequency within a range 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz is good to go.
  4. Matching the Impedance of your headphones to the audio equipment in use will serve the purpose the best way possible.
  5. How annoying is it to turn up the volume just to drown out the ambient noise? Check the Sound Isolation capacity of the headphones to make sure it takes care of that issue.

So, what’s keeping you away? It’s time to associate with Bajaj Finserv EMI store and treat your ears with a premium-quality, top-notch audio experience at the most affordable prices!

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