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Saving buying used products is an interesting option that, however, cannot be advised in all cases: some products may come with a trap.


When choosing a new electronic device, one of the increasingly popular options is reconditioned products. These are devices that stores or manufacturers themselves develop after they have been returned for not convincing their previous buyers or after being in an exhibitor as a test model.


Thus, it is possible to save a few euros when buying, for example, a mobile. In short, they are cheaper and, although they do not arrive fresh from the factory, they have been restored enough to classify them as new or to make it clear, at least, that they are not second-hand phones squeezed for years by their previous owner.


However, all that glitters in the second-hand market is not gold. In some cases, the purchase is not worth it and can carry with it poisoned savings. There are some products that it is better to avoid betting on the new ones. If for some reason you are not interested in second-hand products, you can check out value q reviews to guide you when buying new cool gadgets.


Fixed Battery and Little Saving


One of those devices is Apple’s flagship, available in its refurbished mode on countless platforms where, for example, the iPhone 6 is available for just over 300 euros and its previous version costs just under 200. However, it is recommended to avoid any Apple ‘smartphone’ reconditioned by a company other than Apple.


The reason is none other than the battery, which cannot be easily removed. Thus, most likely, the reconditioned mobile has been updated and its previous data completely deleted, but little else. The fact that the replacement of the battery with an original one is complex means that any iPhone that is not reconditioned by Apple can arrive with a battery, if not damaged, with more than one use and several charges on its back.


Choosing any reconditioned product that has come from the Apple Store itself, however, is a sure value: be it an iPhone, a Mac or an iPad, the Cupertino firm offers discounts of up to 200 euros on its products and a year of guarantee, after testing and certifying them once they have been reconditioned.


In the case of other devices, the purchase of a reconditioned one is not worth it, even if the manufacturer is in charge of the appropriate repairs. It happens with hard drives, which today are already really cheap: a new one with a ‘tera’ of capacity is around 50 euros. Thus, savings would be rather low. In addition, due to its characteristics, it is ruled out that it has been completely returned to its factory state. The recorded data will have been deleted and little else.


Printers and Televisions


Something similar happens when dealing with the purchase of a new printer: today, it is possible to get a new one for home use without having to make a large outlay. In fact, the biggest expense is represented by the ink cartridges and not by the device itself. Therefore, when it comes down to it, buying a reconditioned printer doesn’t mean big savings.


However, if you still prefer one of them, make sure that it has been reconditioned by the manufacturer and that it contains a new toner or ink cartridge. After all, it is the really expensive thing of a printer and, in this way, yes you would be practically releasing the apparatus. Otherwise, it would be a printer with a second-hand cartridge that, perhaps, does not have much life left.



The case of televisions is different, although equally inadvisable for other reasons. Although in some countries like Spain the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users stipulates that these types of products must have a one-year guarantee, it is easy to find reconditioned devices with guarantees of only 6 months (or even less).


If this is already a problem when buying any reconditioned device, in the case of television, it is even more so: half a year (or less) is too short a period for a reconditioned television than, in the case of ‘smart’ TV ‘, you may have problems updating the firmware in its first year of life. In fact, even if they comply with the law and the guarantee offered is one year, twelve months are still few for a used television. In addition, it is usual for this limited guarantee to be expandable upon payment of an extra, which would considerably reduce the savings it brought with it.


What is Worth Buying?


Other products do not raise so many doubts and inconveniences when purchasing them in their reconditioned version. One of them is tablets: although today its batteries are impossible to replace in many cases, as in the case of iPhones, the fact that they are larger makes the problem of previous use not as important as in the case of a mobile phone.


And precisely ‘smartphones’ are the other big favorites in the world of used products. Either because they have been restored by the manufacturer (as in the case of Apple or Samsung) or because their battery is removable and its reconditioning has occurred completely, mobile phones can represent a significant saving as a safe value.


Also, it is always better to bet on a reconditioned device that you can evaluate before making the purchase. Although some issues, such as battery consumption, you will not be able to check them for a while, the presence of bumps and scratches is visible to the naked eye and, if you receive it at home directly, it may be too late.

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