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As we all know very well that the whole world prefers to build a website through which it can better engage online clients towards it. A professional website will define everything about the business and services to the customers. Professional solution providers will create your website according to the demand and needs of the business.WordPress is the most popular website builder and it also powers over 31% of all websites across the world. There are several issues have been recorded in which people have a similar issue about the WordPress website get hacked. As we all agree on the statement that all websites on the internet are insecure from hackers. Here is a solid reason behind WordPress sites are common in target because WordPress is the most popular website builder around the world.

If you are also facing the same problem witha website get hacked, here we will let you know some of its reason in which you will get to know about the whole thing clearly. Every user should have to apply COMODO Essential certificate for the website for better security. It will also secure the website from getting hack in the future as well.

5 reasons for WordPress site getting hacked:

Make sure to follow these steps wisely to protect your WordPress site from getting hack in the future respectively.

1.   Insecure Webhosting

Aswe have discussed earlier the scope of creating a professional website is much effective for the business’s worth. It is a better solution that will explain everything to the reader about the brand and its services. WordPress sites are also hosted on a web server like other websites. Try to select the best hosting services for the website because many hosting companies do not secure their hosting platform. Only properly secure servers can block the harmful attacks on the website and it will also secure the website from getting hack by all means.

2.   Selection of the weak password

For the website admin, it is very much important to select a strong password for the backend panel. According to the professionals, passwords are the keys to your WordPress sites and admin should be sure about selecting the strong combination of the password for the website. If you will not choose the strong password for the website, it will directly provide hackers to access on following

  • WordPress admin account
  • Control panel account of Web Hosting
  • FTP account
  • MySQL database used for your WordPress account
  • Email account used for WordPress admin or hosting account

All these things you need to get secure by selecting the strong password for the website by all means. If you will not select the strong password, it will provide direct access to the hackers which is not a good option by all means.

3.   Permission to incorrect file

Through a web server, you need to set a rule to not accept or allow incorrect files on your WordPress website by any chance. In this way, hackers will get the chance to edit and change the file that will also bring a lot more changes to the website respectively. It will be the best solution to hire professional help in this regard or use COMODO SSL certificate which will never make you feel down by any chance. It will completely protect your website from getting hacked by the hackers and you can better maintain it as per your demand and need.

4.   Plugins and theme should be updated

No doubt, WordPress software update is also an essential element as you can see the core of the WordPress software respectively. You will also find bugs in the WordPress website and the finest way is to update plugins and theme of the site to get smart features in it. If a user does not feel important to update a WordPress website, then there are many things that can destroy the website features badly and hackers will take the authority of the website completely.

5.   Use plain FTP instead of SFTP/SSH

As we all know very well that FTP accounts are used to load files of the web server by using an FTP client respectively. Several hosting providers prefer to support FTP connections and they also prefer to use other protocols as well. The same protocol you will not get from SFTP/SSH this is why users do not prefer to utilize it by all means.

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